Buying Homes For Sale By Owner: The Pros And Cons Of Doing This

A good number of people are interested in buying homes for sale by owner or FSBO homes.


A good number of people are interested in buying homes for sale by owner or FSBO homes. Buying these types of properties are sometimes inevitable because of the agent's unwillingness to do negotiations with owners. Let's take a look at the different pros and cons of buying homes for sale by owner that you need to keep in mind before you decide to do so.

More Profit From Negotiation Without The Presence Of A Buyer's Agent

The process buying a FSBO house usually involves negotiating without any help from a buyer's agent. This can really be advantageous for the buyer since the buyer's agent will charge him a commission. The agent will be paid a certain percentage of the sale price of the property as a commission. Aside from this, the buyer's agent will also be entitled to get a percentage of the difference between the listed price and the purchase price. Moreover, hourly fees as well as promotional expenses add up to the tab.

It's important to take note that the buyer's agent won't gain any benefit from getting the buyer the best deal because the commission that he's going to get will be based on the purchase price. Because of this, the agent may be tempted to forget the best interests of the buyer. A good advantage of having a buyer's agent on the other hand is that this real estate professional can help market the buyer as someone who's serious about buying a property while helping him handle paperwork and other important legalities. A good agent will appraise the property and will try really hard to get the best deal for the buyer without thinking about loss of commission. For more information visit

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Negotiating With An Owner

Doing direct negotiations with an owner can be really advantageous since the seller's agent won't be present in the scene. This decreases the chances of the price of the property from increasing because of the agent's attempt to gain more commission. Through this, the buyer can expect that he's going to spot a lot of cheap properties for sale. However, there's a danger of the owner not being reasonable enough and him overestimating the value of his property. Because of this, negotiations can become harder and the buyer may be forced to reconsider his offer.

It is evident that buying FSBO homes involve quite a number of challenges for people who are aspiring homeowners. The seller, on the other hand, also needs to handle the task of marketing his property without the help of an agent. This is why FSBO homes are advised to people who are confident about buying properties without any help from an agent.


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