Everything You Need To Know About Security Locks

Everything You Need To Know About Security Locks

Everything You Need To Know About Security Locks

Your home is your sanctuary. Therefore, maintaining its security should be your priority for your peace of mind. Having a reliable security lock can help you keep your place secure. Most homeowners don't know that most burglars sneak through the front door due to poor lock security systems. That's why you should invest in a good security lock to keep your home, and family, safe. To get more news about smart door lock manufacturers, you can visit securamsys.com official website.

Apart from that, there are many aspects that you need to learn about security locks. This post aims at giving insights about how to boost your home security with security lock best practices and a diy driveway alarm.
Surprisingly, there are many types of security locks for front doors to protect various things. However, there are several door lock options to choose from. Here are the seven types of door security locks that you should know about.

Deadbolt locks are the most common security lock on the market. They work by moving or turning a key or knob without using a spring. There are different types of deadbolts, with the single-cylinder type being the simplest one. Other options include double cylinder deadbolts, a single/double lockable deadbolt, and a thumb turn lock.

Knob Locks
These are also popular door locks and probably the chief security method for most residential locks. Their lock cylinder is placed in the knob rather than the door. However, they are less secure than deadbolts making them suitable for internal doors.

Handle Locks
Handle locks are pretty similar to knob locks, but with the lock cylinder located on the handle. Modern handle locks come with a thumb turn or key tumbler to engage the locking mechanism, preventing the cylinder from being turned to open the door.

Barrel Bolt and Chain Locks
Barrel bolts and chain security locks operate by sliding a cylinder or attaching a chain to a jam connected to the door. These locks are usually placed at the top of the doors to prevent children from accessing them. They are best used to keep intruders from entering a home when owners are inside.

Padlocks are common types of free-standing security lock groups. Padlocks are detached from the door, unlike other locks. You can choose your padlock from different models, but the keyed and combined options are the most common types.

Mortise Locks
These are the most potent security locks used for front doors or any other external-facing door. They come in heavy-duty and light models. This lock has a box lockset and a deep recess located at the edge of the door.

Smart Locks
Smart locks are the newest type of home security lock. Many smart locks have remote access features, meaning that you use a smartphone or a key fob to unlock the door without having to touch anything. Smart locks include touchpad pin access, voice control, audio, and video components. They can also incorporate other security lock systems like driveway alarms.

What are Smart Locks?
Smart locks are door locks that users can control remotely through a mobile application. Users can lock or unlock these locks with a tap of a button. With smart locks, you don't have to worry about the possibility of leaving your home unlocked, and you can even let in a family member or roommate into your residence from anywhere.

How Do Smart Locks Work?
The exact way that your smart lock functions depend on the specific lock you have. However, they can either replace or attach to your current deadbolt. You might require a local network or Wi-Fi to receive the command or code to control the door.


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