How to edit McAfee subscription renewal billing details?

McAfee computer code has many options like protection against viruses and malware, for good delete the broken knowledge, protection for several devices, etc.

At times, the credit card that you link with your McAfee account for your McAfee product subscription renewal gets expired. Due to this, you might have to come across renewal issues as sometimes you might forget to change the billing details or add a new credit card to your account. Therefore, if you are thinking about why your subscription did not get renewed even if you have opted for the auto-renewal program of McAfee, then you should immediately look for any issue with your linked card.

As stated above, this usually happens because of the linked credit card that got expired and you had no idea about it. So, below we have given the details on how you can change your billing option and add a new card to your account. Here we go.

Steps to update the credit card details in McAfee

You can easily navigate to and log in to your McAfee account targe or update these details:

  1. Go to the home page of McAfee-
  2. Here, you need to tap on the menu icon at the top-right
  3. From the drop-down that shows up, choose “My Account”
  4. Furthermore, click on the “Sign In” option to proceed
  5. Next up, type the email address registered with McAfee
  6. Then, type the password you created while signing up
  7. After inputting these details, click on the “Log In” option
  8. Now, cursor over the “My Account” option again
  9. Select the “Edit Billing” option
  10. Provide the details of your card and click “Save”

This is how you can change the billing details in your McAfee account after which the deductions shall be made from the linked credit card.


As a McAfee user, you should be aware that your subscription is renewed before 30 days of the expiration period, only if you have opted for the auto-renewal program. However, in case you have not enabled this service, then you need to renew your subscription manually each time it gets expired. Therefore, opting for an auto-renewal program is a must to continue using McAfee without any stoppage. 

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