Compare and Contrast Essay Writing Guide to avoid Transition Words & phrases

A compare and contrast essay is about comparing and contrasting two subjects concerning similarities and differences between them. It enables students to look for subtle information that is relevant to the topic and needs to be highlighted



Do you have any idea that excessive and irrational use of transition words in your compare and contrast essay can make it choppy and self-contradictory sometimes? When a professional writer lacks an understanding of using transition words properly, she makes undesired breaks in her writing and leaves the impression that she has no idea of writing at all.

A compare and contrast essay is about comparing and contrasting two subjects concerning similarities and differences between them. It enables students to look for subtle information that is relevant to the topic and needs to be highlighted. However, if your essay is full of wrongly used transitional words, it may not serve your purpose. You can also hire yourpersonal essay writer for help.

A compare and contrast essay takes into account ideas, items, concepts, places, or events in a rhetorical style and discusses similarities and differences between them. It is a common essay that professors assign to students to help them develop their critical thinking and analytical thinking skills. like all other essays, in a compare and contrast essay, a student has to make a point for compare and contrast or in other words make a claim upon which the whole essay is based. Transitional words in this kind of essay are sure to come yet it depends on your ability to use them correctly. If you lack an understanding of the use of such words you should consult any professional writing assistance online to learn their right use.

Facing difficulty in composing a well-written essay is common to novice professional essay writer. When I was first assigned a compare and contrast essay during my first year in high school, I also had to go through a lot of trouble in writing my essay.

However, I never asked someone else to write essay for me at reasonable prices but continued my effort to learn the proper use of words at the right place and now I am writing this blog for you. Therefore, if you do not know how to use transitional words in your essay, do not panic and make effort to learn.

Transitional words and phrases are used in a piece of writing to make the writing smooth and inflow. It helps join different ideas and concept in the writing and make it a compact whole. Nevertheless, if you do not know how to use them and where to use them in your essay, you may make your case worse.  Following are some common mistakes that students make while using transitional words in their compare and contrast essays.


1-      Unclear reference

In your essay, do not start a sentence or paragraph with an unclear reference such as this, that. It makes your writing ambiguous and leaves the reader to judge or guess what you are referring to.


2-      Do not use unnecessary transitional words        

As this article is about avoiding unnecessary transitional words, let's have a look at how and why to avoid them. Transitional words such as moreover, in addition to, furthermore, and besides are commonly used in writing, though not used correctly always. The words, moreover and are intensifiers and are used to stress the same point with more information about it. Some students use them as a wrong addition. Similarly, words such as 'besides, also, then, again, etc., are taboos in academic writing when starting new paragraphs. So do not open a new paragraph with these words.


3-      Avoid apparent causality

Before establishing a connection between cause and effect of a certain phenomenon do not rush to prove it with words such as 'this' is here so it results in 'this'. For instance, if you refer to a seemingly causal effect but do not provide research to support it, you are making a wrong point. For example, if A exists, hence, I will investigate A, is hastily jumping to the conclusion without proving that A exists. If you are confuse you can find help from paper writing service.


4-      Use transitional words to indicate a contradiction

   Whenever in your text you need to contradict yourself, use a transitional word. For instance, some research establishes that A exists but in your opinion it does not, use a transition to indicate that. You can say, 'however, I do not think it exists.'

Transitions are good for your essay only when they have been used according to their need and requirement. If you overburden your essay with these words you may make short paragraphs, wrong emphasis, and choppy writing. so, learn to use them properly.   You can also contact essay writing service such as EssayHours for further help.


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