Preliminary Research Proposal Writing Tips

The goal of a research paper proposal is to justify the need to explore certain research problems and state the practical ways in which the proposed research would be counted.

The goal of a research paper proposal is to justify the need to explore certain research problems and state the practical ways in which the proposed research would be counted. Research proposals are more exacting and less formal as compared to the general project research because the research design and procedures for conducting research have to follow a certain set standard within a predominant discipline. These contain extensive literature reviews and substantiate the need for research. Also. A research proposal describes the research methodology as per the requirement of the academic field coupled with the desired outcomes of the research paper.

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A good research process goes through these stages:

  1.     Topic selection
  2.     Narrow down the topic to the problem-related parameters.
  3.     Makes questions for the research to answer
  4.     Create a sub-question that would follow after the main question
  5.     Decide and collect the database, resources
  6.     Keep track of the consulted sources

Moreover, in the preliminary research strategies, first, know your topic thoroughly from available resources. Wikipedia and online searches are good to go with initially. Decide the position, claim, or stance that you will take in your paper. Read the prompt and basic information about the topic carefully and purposefully before taking on the research. This is sometimes called pre-research. Research proposal requires following a few guidelines like essay writing if you ask me need someone to write my essay? I will suggest a few guidelines and tips, same is the case with a research proposal.

Research proposal tips:

  •         It is okay to consult Wikipedia for information but make sure not to use it as a source in the reference. Get help from the sources given at the end.
  •         Use the ' Ctrl+F' function to find certain words on a webpage
  •         Use specific quotation to narrow down your research on Google search
  •         Consult specific websites as per the requirement of the research proposal such as websites with .org,

Moreover, regardless of the research problem or methodology, all the researches must account for the following questions:

  1.   What is the aim of the research? Briefly and clearly describe the problem and your proposition


  1.   Why do you do the research? Apart from the research design, you should incorporate a review of the research and produce reasons and evidence about the worthiness of the topic that needs to be explored in depth.
  2.   How are you going to conduct the research? State a measurable and doable research problem with a research methodology and design that will help you go about the research.

Few common mistakes that are to be avoided in the research proposal are:

Lengthiness or failure to be brief and concise. A research proposal must be focused and direct without any divergent tangents. It should concisely state the purpose of the research.

Lack of credible and landmark works in the literature review. A good literature review defines the purpose and credibility of the topic and the importance of the proposed problem. It attests value to the research proposal that has been investigated previously and needs to be explored in depth.

Lack of delimitation. A research proposal should always define the limits and boundaries of the research otherwise it becomes divergent and vague. It should inform the reader about what and how of the conduct of the research.

Lack of coherent and persuasive argument. The claim or argument of the research proposal

Should be persuasive in tone and coherent throughout. Often it is argued when it comes to funded research proposals that why should they be funded.

Lastly, the mistakes that are often observed in expert essay writer online are grammar and lengthy details on minor issues. These are collectively contributing to the failure of research so, these points should be avoided in order to produce a quality research proposal.


For research essay writing read the guidelines given by your professor. If you have to develop an annotated bibliography along with research, then start by writing the bibliography first. You will have the required data from different resources  then you can easily develop the content for essay writing.


If you can gather samples for such essays then do it first. The guidance from all sources will help you out in writing good research content followed by an annotation. If it seems a difficult and time taking task, take help from professional my essay writer.



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