Get more Insight over the Pros & Cons of Qualitative Research

Writing a research paper is no walk in the park, rather it is a tiresome task. You have to use quantitative or qualitative research methods and sometimes a mixture of both to collect data for your research paper.


Writing a research paper is no walk in the park, rather it is a tiresome task. You have to use quantitative or qualitative research methods and sometimes a mixture of both to collect data for your research paper. Therefore, before you even think of writing a research paper, you should first familiarize yourself with both quantitative and qualitative research methods. And if you are not familiar you should hire essay writer to do my essay.

Using these research methods has both pros and cons for your research. Therefore, before selecting the one you should take a careful look at the pros and cons of both. For the sake of this blog, we will focus on getting more insights into the pros and cons of qualitative research.

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If you are thinking of choosing the qualitative research method for your next research paper, here is a list of pros and cons of qualitative research:

The Pros

  • Qualitative research allows you to see beyond numbers. It allows you to take a deep dive and explore the topic in more depth. 
  • Qualitative research provides data that is highly practically applicable. It is because, with qualitative research methods, researchers try to understand why people are actually making certain choices. These reasons could not be uncovered by using quantitative research.
  • Qualitative research can be carried with small-sized samples, which makes it less expensive. With the generalization of data, it becomes beneficial for a wider set of populations.
  • It offers insights into complex situations. Humans are complex creatures and they make choices that have various underlying reasons. Qualitative research helps us identify those reasons. 
  • The open-ended nature of qualitative research methods helps researchers gather the information that otherwise would have been overlooked. 
  • In addition to being highly effective, it is super affordable and fast-paced. By sitting in a group of a few people and asking them questions, interviewing, you can get the research done in a very short time. If you are still confuse you can contact online essay writer and don’t forget to ask “how much is an essay

The Cons

  • To begin with, it provides subjective data. This subjective nature of the data makes room for biases and therefore there is always a certain level of possibility that the gathered data could be inaccurate. 
  • While one sits people around a table, asks open-ended questions, and gathers insightful data. However, one needs a lot of time to sort through the data to find what is relevant and what is not. For this purpose u can hire essay writing company such as “EssayHours
  • Many people believe in numbers but qualitative data has no statistical representation. 
  • As most of the qualitative research gathers information from smaller focus groups and then generalizes this to a wider population. There is always great room for inaccuracy as humans differ a lot from each other. 
  • Because of the generalization of qualitative research, it might be challenging to reproduce the same results, which makes one question the accuracy of the research.
  • Researchers’ personal beliefs and dispositions might interfere with the data collection.
  • The data gathered by inexperienced researchers have a high chance of being faulty. Similarly, the interviewing skills of the researcher may also interfere with the quality of the gathered data.


Lastly, to be the best researcher and to produce quality research you need to follow the aforementioned tips and suggestions and practice them. Just reading will not bear fruit unless you practice, that would not only make you perfect in writing but also you would not need to buy essay help. As they say, practice makes a man perfect.


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