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You will have to write them throughout high school as well as college and universities. Therefore, it is reasonable to master the art of writing a stellar and convincing argumentative essay.

Writing an argumentative essay is more than just penning down your opinion. No matter how strong, plausible, accuracy your stance is, it would not be compelling and you will fail to persuade readers if you fail to substantiate your opinion with solid reasoning and a process of evidence.

Students have to do custom writing throughout their academic careers. No matter whichever subject you take, your teachers will find a way to give you an argumentative essay writing assignment in some way. You will have to write them throughout high school as well as college and universities. Therefore, it is reasonable to master the art of writing a stellar and convincing argumentative essay.

Sometimes, students are given the freedom to write essays on any topic of their choice but other times, teachers assign topics to students. Unfortunately, sometimes, you are stuck with a very difficult topic, which is beyond your comprehension You can find help from writing company.

 In such cases, instead of stressing and risking your grades by submitting a substandard essay, it is suggested to get some online writing service provider such as “write my essays for me” to write a custom essay for you. You just need to provide them with the topic and the rubrics shared by your teacher.

How to write a good argumentative essay?

Selecting the topic

Well, start off by selecting a good topic. By good topic, I mean arguable and motivates or appeals to you. Without a good essay topic, one cannot write a good argumentative essay no matter how good of an essay writer one is. Therefore, you should select your topic very carefully. Before finalizing the topic you should make sure if you can find ample data on it. If you don’t find  ample data about topic you can also hire essay writer by asking  “write my essay for me

Mind the essay structure

Like other types of essays, argumentative essays also consist of three structural parts: Introduction, body, and conclusion. You need to make sure that you format your essay accordingly. 


Start your essay with a bewitching hook statement. And if you think that your audience is not familiar with the topic, writing service should give a brief background of the topic in the introduction. 

Do some research, and after fully understanding the topic, you should take a position on the topic. Thereafter, you should represent this position by your strong but clear and concise thesis statement, which appears at the end of the introductory paragraph.

Body paragraphs

In body paragraphs, you will present your arguments supporting the thesis statement. You will provide ample evidence to support your argument. You should briefly discuss the evidence and then relate it to the thesis statement. Keep in mind that you need to discuss only one main argument in the body paragraph. You care still confuse get help  from online essay writing company like “EssayHours”.


In conclusion, you should restate the thesis statement and summarize all the main arguments that you have discussed above in the body paragraphs. In the end, you can give a call for action. 

Further tips

  • Instead of picking a sophisticated and fancy topic to impress your class-fellows or your teacher, you should pick a topic that you're passionate about. 
  • Take help. If you have a difficult teacher and you are nervous that you might fail your essay assignment, you should consider hiring an online essay writing service for writing assignments
  • Formulate an outline. It not only keeps your thoughts organized but also keeps you from hitting writer’s block.
  • Get your facts straight. If you do not want to embarrass yourself in front of the whole class you should double-check the facts used in your essay.
  • Research as much as possible, especially if you have picked up a topic that everyone is talking about. With extensive research, you should uncover some points that have never been discussed before. Make sure that you stay relevant.

Pro tip: Always proofread your essays before passing them to your teachers. 



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