This $10 Cleaning Brush Is the Smartest Impulse Buy I Ever Made

This $10 Cleaning Brush Is the Smartest Impulse Buy I Ever Made

This $10 Cleaning Brush Is the Smartest Impulse Buy I Ever Made

As someone who’s constantly on the lookout for ways to reduce my ecological footprint, I knew I had to ditch my favorite dish sponges. Let me explain: In the past, these sponges have lasted me months, but now that I’m cooking and eating at home more (a lot more) and dealing with piles of dirty dishes virtually 24/7, my sponges get filthy and smelly in less than two weeks. I needed a more sustainable solution, and luckily it came my way during a random online shopping spree at World Market. To qualify for free shipping on an order of cushions (you can never have too many!), I casually added this $9.99 silicone cleaning brush into my shopping cart without a second thought. Three months in, it might just be my smartest impulse buy ever.Get more news about Silicone Brush,you can vist our website!

The entire brush (bristles included!) is made from silicone, which means that, compared to regular sponges, it has a longer shelf life and is a lot more hygienic to use and maintain. The soft, silicone bristles come out clean after a spin in the dishwasher, and for harder, stuck-on food bits, I find that all it needs is a long, deep soak in hot, soapy water. Since the brush is easy to clean and care for, it doesn’t get smelly or moldy like regular dish scrubbers.

But where this brush truly shines is in its ability to tackle dishes of all shapes and sizes. The long handle is ergonomically designed to give you a firm, solid grip, while the brush head has over 2,000 bristles that team up to take on even that crusty layer of milky coffee that clings to a mug when someone (okay, me … ) forgets to wash it for hours (okay, days …). The brush is also heat resistant, so I can use it on a scorching hot pan without worrying about the bristles melting. And since silicone is malleable, the brush head can effortlessly squeeze into items like water bottles and condiment jars. You can always get the matching bottle brush for smaller items, but I find that, true to its name, the Universal Cleaning Brush is all you need.

Cleaning tools aren’t usually known for their eye-catching appearance, but this long, elegant grey brush is pretty darn good looking. I have no shame displaying the brush on the wall behind my kitchen sink (the handy hanging loop fits perfectly on a regular Command hook for easy storage). I’m even planning to add it to some of my loved ones’ holiday stockings this year! Since we’re all spending a lot more time standing over our sinks doing dishes these days, I know that, like me, they’ll find themselves wondering how they ever lived without it.


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