Thermoplastic Actuated Ball Valves

Thermoplastic Actuated Ball ValvesThermoplastic Actuated Ball Valves

Thermoplastic Actuated Ball Valves

Ball valves are often automated with pneumatic or electric actuators. This allows remote operation for a variety of reasons: savings in labor, plant safety, product quality assurance, and automatic sequencing. The choice of actuator type depends on many factors, including availability of air supply, cycling requirements, condition of the environment, compatibility with the type of control operation, and cost. Positioners may be mounted on these valves if flow control is required.Get more news about pneumatic actuated valve,you can vist our website!

We can supply a wide range of pneumatic and electric actuated valve solutions from individual components, complete valve assemblies ready to install and comprehensive project valve packages with full instrumentation.

From single valves to complete project supply, we can meet your actuated valve requirements to meet your deadlines. Call us to discuss how we can help with this.

We can supply built and tested assemblies of valves, pneumatic actuators, solenoid valves and switchboxes ready to install for safe or hazardous area applications.

Electric actuators can be sized and fitted to ball or butterfly valves to suit any individual requirements. Options include battery back up, position feedback, ATEX certification.

Fully instrumented valve packages with solenoid valves, pneumatic instrumentation and digital positioners can all be specified, built, tested and shipped ready to install according to your requirements.


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