FIFA 23: Ultimate Team will have a whole new transfer market

FIFA 23: Ultimate Team will have a whole new transfer market

FIFA 23 is now officially available. Pre-orders are live, and some players may have already purchased the Ultimate Edition with all the bonuses. But all other game modes will also get new features, especially FIFA Ultimate Team. According to the news released by EA, Ultimate Team will have a new transfer market. Players can visit for more information.

For the first time in FIFA history, different consoles and platforms will be linked to a game's launch through cross-play. Through cross-play, players can play against Xbox Series X|S users on PS5 in the FIFA 23 Weekend League. This means that the FUT transfer market will also be shared between different platforms. The FIFA 23 transfer market is divided into two parts, with PC and Switch each having its own transfer market.

The FUT transfer marketplace will always be active and connected to other consoles regardless of the player's cross-play settings. If players don't want crossplay, players can turn it off, but the transfer market won't be affected. If someone wants to market a player through Stadia, they can buy that player through their PS4 even if they have cross-play disabled.

Due to the integration of all consoles and players, the demand for the Cheap FIFA 23 Coins corresponding items will of course be higher. On the other hand, there will be more items to buy. Assuming player prices won't be as high as in the past, the new transfer market should be particularly attractive to novice and casual players who can afford a good player without having to play as many games or draw cards. However, it remains to be seen how prices will develop.

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