Educational misconceptions that parents should be aware of

Educational misconceptions that parents should be aware of

Decision-making substitution

--Making most, if not all, of the decisions for the child in the business,小學數學練習resulting in the child learning the habit of not engaging in decision-making behavior and becoming unassertive.

Personality substitution

Making your own ideals and standards a requirement for your child, making them a slave to their own personality.

Test-taking accomplices

--Determined to help schools focus all children's time and energy on the needs of the test, ignoring their diverse perspectives and hobbies and causing them to slowly lose themselves.

Stress deficit

Lack of play, insight, and task-specific projects, which puts a moderate amount dr-max 教材of internal pressure on children to achieve proper potential and a new sense of self.

Natural Roles

--Lack of conscious and planned role delineation by parents in child rearing gives children a balanced dual sense of space for expression and compliance with rules.

Social Bias

--Creating a circle of peers with whom children interact and who provide them with dr-max 點讀筆psychological and social support from their peers. During personal growth, children should always ensure appropriate social interaction with the outside world and assume appropriate social tasks.

Action Withdrawal

--A model that encourages one's child to experiment, reflect, summarize, and improve in action, rather than captive and idle, so that the child can gain, through experience, a self-management reinforcement characterized by the structure of the enterprise's own expertise.

Lack of rules

--Most parents of students are satisfied with the corporate or we only know to let their children live in their own family and friends rules, private acquaintance social rules, without providing a proper training of professional acquaintance and stranger rules.


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Educational misconceptions that parents should be aware of

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