Should You Invest in a Digital Door Lock?

Should You Invest in a Digital Door Lock?

Should You Invest in a Digital Door Lock?

One household item which can greatly improve your everyday living is the digital door lock. In recent years, demand for this smart home product has quickly grown. Aside from security and convenience, digital door locks are also a stylish accessory for your home.To get more news about best smart door lock wifi, you can visit official website.

With this technology becoming a mainstay for home improvement and renovation works, here is a guide to what digital door locks are where you can find them.

What is a Digital lock?
Both digital and regular locks have similar locking mechanisms. The difference lies in the way you unlock your door. Using a digital lock means opting for a keyless, electronic method of securing your home.

Types of Digital Locks
You can open doors via keypad password, thumbprint biometric scan, Bluetooth, electronic card reader, wireless remote control, or a combination of the various options.

Each type of door lock has its pros and cons. For example, both biometric and password digital door locks do not require a card for access. However, biometric locks offer more security than password locks as fingerprints cannot be duplicated. But in emergencies, strangers who need to enter the house cannot do so as fingerprints need to be pre-registered.
1. Security—Restrict who can enter your home
Pros: Only authorised users can get past the door with a thumbprint or password. Some digital lock models allow you to give remote access to guests. This would come in handy for those who are renovating their homes. For instance, you could create guest passwords to allow temporary entry for contractors at fixed timings.

Some models also send you alerts should you forget to lock the door before you leave. So, you no longer have to worry if you remembered to lock your door when leaving home for the day.
2. Convenience—Keys are one less thing to worry about
Pros: You no longer need to bring keys out. That’s one less bulky item to worry about losing or fitting into your pocket or purse. Going keyless is excellent for those who frequently forget their house keys too. You don’t have to deal with being locked out anymore.

The same goes if a member of your household loses or forgets their keys. You don’t have to take time off and interrupt your schedule to bring someone keys.
. Value—Home upgrades will cost you
Pros: With a digital lock, you’re paying for increased control, security, convenience, comfort and flexibility. Your home will feel more upgraded with a smart lock.
How Much To Install A Digital Lock
Depending on how complex your digital lock is, installation can take anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour. While you can search up YouTube to do a DIY lock installation, it is recommended you hire a professional.

Some brands might void the warranty unless your lock was installed by one of their approved contractors. These contractors may offer free installation, but if not, prepare to fork out another $100 to $200.


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