What people are shopping on Zalando Online?

German online shop Zalando, which is increasing the number of online shops in different countries, had to lock itself in to prevent a coronavirus outbreak. Zalando is preparing for the second wave of coronavirus infections before countries step up blockade measures.

Zalando is an online shopping platform across Europe headquartered in Berlin, Germany. People love to shop at Zalando due to its authentic and royal products. If you are also a Zalando customer then you should know what people are buying on Zalando Online Shop

Before that, let’s have a quick overview of the uniqueness and important products of Zalando. Zalando has tied up with several brands and they have their presence across all 17 markets. It has products of all brands either they are global or local brands. So, you get a wide range of products on the Zalando platform. Now, move ahead to know about people’s shopping preferences in different markets.

  • Simple but fashionable

Many people who belong to Germany have shown their great interests in fashion but keeping it simple. One of its top-selling products is black sneakers that they have bought instead of other products. You can also try a good sneaker but going with some more color options is never a bad idea.

  • Must know about the Mobile Shoppers

Well! These people like to purchase through mobile while on the go. Most of the Italian people are buying through Zalando mobile app and they are at the top of the list of people who order using the Zalando online shop app. On the other hand, Czech customers prefer to buy products over the big screen. These people are only customers for Zalando who make their purchases using their laptops.

  • Who are Most Royal Customers at Zalando?

People belonging to the UK prefer to buy most premium items in comparison to other customers. This is also much interesting; you can say that they may belong to the royal families but this must not be true completely and we should have a slightly more relaxed approach about it. 

  • Gym Lovers

Dutch customers had purchased the most number of gym wears. One of Zalando's top-selling products is black gym tights during cyber week. So, we can say that these people are absolutely gym lovers.


In short, we have tried to explain the behavior of Zalando customers across Europe based on their shopping preferences or most purchased items. In this post, you will get an overview of the Zalando online shop customer preferences and it will make it easy to learn which item you should approach on Zalando's online shopping platform.


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