RuneScape is one of the grandfathers of the MMORPG genre

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Following a brief and bare-bones tutorial on the aptly named Tutorial Island where I was able to find myself being thrown into the boring yet quite nice riverside city of Lumbridge with RS Gold. There, every new starter masters the basic mechanics, such as how to build fire and put money in the bank. It's important to keep in mind that, in RuneScape, everyone starts out on the same playing field (weirdly starting at level 3).

There's no predetermined classes or structured builds and only the skills you have, with the end goal of getting every one up to the maximum of 99. But, as that's not practical or perhaps even desirable for many of us and therefore, it's probably better to narrow your focus to a couple of. Meanwhile, the overall degree of a character or level of combat has the maximum at 130 (or the number 123 for RuneScape Classic). I believe I reached 85 before I decided to end my day. Perhaps school was back in session.

There are also five kinds of attack that you can master: stabbing smash, slash, magic, and ranged. My initial prey was goblins and chicks. But there's a lot of bigger and more dangerous predators available. Predators, too. It's true that RuneScape is a long learning curve at the beginning. Once I had the basic capabilities mastered, it was all going and I found it difficult to take a step back from the computer screen.

There are 232 of them with a large globe with enough variation to satisfy my twelve year old self, each one a unique little short story with an outrageous plot and humorous dialogue. My personal favorites include solving the mystery of the missing chicken found at Draynor Manor and sneaking into the seemingly impenetrable Black Knights' Fortress on behalf of the White Knights of Falador, a rival group. White Knights of Falador.

But neither of those beats slaying the dragon on Crandor which is by far the most memorable accomplishment a free-to-play player could achieve. There are more quests that can be unlocked when you become a paid member of RuneScape and I did. This opens up vast portions of the map of the world along with an array of additional things that stood me distinct from the noob I'd been.

There is no need to free roam and traverse the vast deserts and plains or head to the east and explore the gloomy , vampyre-infested, swamps of Morytania and best of all, playing the Bobby Pickett song 'Monster Mash which plays in the background. In terms of music, entering a new area to the first-time unlocks the appropriate soundtrack(s) in that particular area. There are some extremely appealing tunes. I remember having a Christmas one on repeat.

Alongside the adventure, the role-playing is the massively multiplayer aspect which was great to have thousands of players with whom I could compete as well as trade and compare my performance against. Buy RS Gold also includes chat rooms and friends lists that proves to my PS2-equipped single-player brain that gaming is a shared as well as an individual experience.


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