POE Scourge League Mechanics Guide

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Scourge League Mechanics is the most important game mechanic updated in POE3.16, players will encounter a new alliance NPC - The Last to Die. The challenge continues, to win the game, players can prepare powerful weapons and equipment in advance, POE Orbs will help you exchange for powerful weapons and equipment.

How to enter Nightmare?

Nightmare is the name of the Scourge Demon dimension announced in the Alliance Preview. Talk to the last dead person and she will give you a Blood Crucible. Players will need to place the Blood Crucible in your inventory, a must-do item in the Scourge Alliance.

Once Blood Crucible is activated, click on it and drop whatever item you want to upgrade into the slot on the left. You can place any item, all armor items have a set of base defense stats that you can check by holding ALT (default) and hovering over the item.

When you start killing monsters, as usual, you'll see a new gauge next to the minimap. It shows how much blood your Blood Crucible needs to unlock new options for your character.

How to switch to realities

Activate Blood Crucible to toggle realities, there will be a mark in the middle. When the player has enough blood, click it and toggle realities. Press V on the keyboard to switch to Nightmare. This means that you will also activate Blood Crucible, entering the new Nightmare dimension.

When you enter the nightmare in the first level, there will be some monsters, but they will be more difficult to deal with. You will need to switch between realms all the time, soaking up blood and converting items to level-up skills. When all collected blood is used up, players will automatically return to where you switched realms. Now you need to keep repeating this cycle until you have enough points to convert your first project. Also, your unused blood will remain in the meter.

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