Signs that she wants you in bed

If a lady wants to sleep with you, she'll want to know all there is to know about you between the sheets

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You've had your eye on this woman, and it appears that she does too.

But you don't want to misjudge the circumstances or look foolish. How do you tell whether she's simply flirting for fun or if she wants to get physical? Look nowhere else.


Here are a few signs that she wants some action with you in bed –


She makes sure you know that she lives alone

When you're getting to know someone, the subject of living arrangements is one that frequently comes up in discussion.

But occasionally, a remark could appear wholly unexpected.

She might be able to work the topic of her single living situation into a different subject. Especially if you didn't inquire further from her. If she openly offers it, she could be attempting to give you a signal because women are frequently more reticent about discussing stuff like this.

She could also inquire about where you now reside. However, it's also possible that she's just being curious or that she's preparing an answer in case you chance to welcome her back to your home.

Avoid making snap judgments and assuming that discussing living alone is an invitation to engage in sexual activity. As she says this, pay attention to her body language. Does she get stiff or is she flirtatious and at ease?

If she's trying to get your attention by telling you she lives alone, she'll probably follow it up with a flirtatious suggestion or an open invitation.


She invites you over

Of course, being invited to her home does not imply that you will have sex with her. At the very least, it indicates that she is beginning to trust you. And if she asks you over, she'll be far more inclined to want to sleep with you than if she doesn't.

Pay attention to how she asks if she offers this. Is there a cause for you to come over, or does she just ask if you want to come upstairs? Is she serious or neutral in her tone of voice, or is there a hint of flirtation in her question?

Acceptance is your best chance here, but you should wait for more specific evidence of agreement before moving further. Even if nothing happens the first time, it does not rule out the possibility of it happening again. She may be interested in you, but she prefers to go at her own pace.


She inquires as to your sexual inclinations


If a lady wants to sleep with you, she'll want to know all there is to know about you between the sheets. Which of the following positions are your favorites? What's the most unusual spot you've ever had sex? What are your most irrational fantasies? These are the kind of inquiries you may encounter.

A lady typically doesn't want to know what you like in bed unless she wants to join you there. If you're still not sure, answer with a fun jest like, "I can show you later tonight if you want." You might also respond by asking her some questions. If she expresses her preferences freely, she's essentially offering you a recipe for what to do later that night.

You may also notice her making an effort to make her sexual tastes appear to be compatible with yours. She could suggest the same jobs you performed, or she might claim she'd want to attempt something you've previously tried.

As you talk, keep an eye on her body language. Heavy flirtation implies that this isn't simply a topic she loves talking about - she has a plan!


She constantly talks about sex

Is she continuously bringing up the subject of sex? Another indication that she wants to sleep with you is this. When she's with you, a woman who has her eyes set on you — and specifically a certain portion of you — will be thinking about sex a lot.

She wants you to consider sex as well. So, what exactly does she do? It's brought up by her! Even when it isn't part of the dialogue, it comes up again and again. You may have noticed that dirty jokes are frequently used. She may use provocative words even though the subject is irrelevant. She may even open up to you about her sexual encounters.

Her commenting about how horrible her previous partners were at sex is a good illustration of this. She's practically challenging you to prove that you're capable of more!

When you're with her, it's obvious where she wants your mind to go. She just doesn't want to say it out loud, so she manipulates your thinking to get you to act.

Respond to her words to increase the tension and determine if this is indeed an indication she wants to sleep with you. Make some nasty jokes of your own to keep the conversation going. If she says yes, it's obvious where she wants the conversation to go.


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