When it comes to expressing your love, one of the most powerful and meaningful statements can be the making of couple tattoos, permanent and everlasting symbols of passion, commitment, loyalty and fidelity.

When it comes to expressing your love, one of the most powerful and meaningful statements can be the making of couple tattoos, permanent and everlasting symbols of passion, commitment, loyalty and fidelity. As visible and tangible signs, they represent a clear way to profess one's mutual feelings, and are increasingly in demand, also because going to a studio together for a session is a one-of-a-kind experience that can strengthen the bond.
Contrary to what one might think, not all designs for couple matching tattoos are born from silky or overly romantic ideas. They can include a number of unique and specific qualities, symbols and meanings of each relationship, making them one of a kind.
The best couple tattoos, in fact, all arise from common jokes, allusions and meanings known only to the two lovers in question. After all, relationships are hardly a matter for the rest of the world.
The internationally renowned Aureo Roma studio has collected information for you that could be useful if you are considering the idea of ​​making a matching tattoo with your partner, along with some very interesting style ideas. From smaller, simpler tattoos to more complex, fun and romantic pieces, read on to find out which piece of art is perfect for invoking your relationship and the bond that binds you.

Couple tattoos: is it really a good idea?
For most couples, getting a tattoo together is a ritual that demonstrates one's love and loyalty towards each other. In the heat of the moment, it can seem like a romantic idea and absolutely sensible and reasoned. However, there are a few eventualities to consider before rushing to the studio.
Put simply, don't forget that both a tattoo and love are life-long commitments. Your new piece won't fade over time, so, as trivial as it may seem, make sure you only do it with the right person first.
First of all, we must therefore ask ourselves: is that right? No matter how long you have been together, you need to be sure that this will be the person to whom you intend to dedicate a work of art that you will permanently wear on your skin. Of course, you can always remove the tattoo or cover it up if things don't work out, but that's certainly not a trivial matter. If you consider tattoos as important moments that follow one another on the timeline of your life and if you believe that the person you intend to make it with plays and has played a fundamental part in it, go for it.
A common mistake most new couples make is getting a couple tattoo without knowing each other well. So make sure you have a solid story and foundation to talk about, especially when people ask you about it. Whichever design you choose, it must have a profound connection with your life and journey, and only then will it take on true meaning.

What are the best locations for a couple tattoo?
Another important factor when getting couple tattoos is the area of ​​the body chosen to make them. Precisely because these are shared works of art, it is good to evaluate whether you intend to keep them more hidden or if you want to show them off by selecting areas that are in a certain sense compatible, or in which the design, if seen as a whole, works perfectly. .
Some locations are more popular than others, including the forearm, wrist, calf, external deltoid or shoulder and neck. These are areas of the body that are frequently chosen because they are less painful in general, but above all, in this case, because they allow you to obtain an amazing result if the two paired tattoos are placed side by side - especially if on opposite sides of the body.

What couple tattoos to make?
If you have decided to get a tattoo together, don't settle for the most common designs. The problem with getting hugely popular couple tattoos is that they may lose their true meaning and be special and unique. These are permanent works of art and the eventual removal is not only a painful but also an expensive process, so you should opt for something that is symbolic and meaningful.
For example, instead of simply writing the other person's name, select something that arises from the interests, personality and way of being of the partner. Or even better, something very personal that only the two of you would recognize.
Let's now take a look at some of the most popular couple design trends. Take a cue from them and make them yours so that they tell your story and your love specifically!
Matching couple tattoos
Couple matching tattoos are probably the maximum expression of your commitment to your partner, as very often they only work together. The possibilities are endless, so get ready to let your imagination run wild. From symbols to quotes, funny jokes that recur between you, geometric shapes, hearts and tribal designs, you can choose whatever is right for you. Always remember to choose something that represents an aspect of your life together. Similar designs work both for partners who are more like-minded and for those who have more different personalities.

Small couple tattoos
Although, as mentioned, making couple tattoos is a powerful and meaningful gesture, small designs can very well express both the magnitude of your choice and your feelings. Small couple tattoos are particularly suitable for those who do not want them to be too visible for business purposes, for example. Likewise, smaller designs are extremely flexible in terms of body placement, cost less, are made in less time, and are generally less painful.

Cute and funny couple tattoo design
Tattoos don't have to be serious works of art to carry deep meaning with them. For many couples, such a piece would not reflect the nature of their relationship. In this case, therefore, you can choose scenes or characters from cartoons, or animals made in an adorable key, just to name a few. Choose the one you like best, and above all select a subject who will be able to make you smile every time!

Quotes, words, writings
It would be impossible to count the infinite amount of poems, books, films and songs inspired by love. For many people, a particular quote is able to summarize their philosophy about that emotion, or more specifically it can fit perfectly with their relationship and what they feel about their partner. If that's the case for you, choosing a quote for a couple tattoo is a perfect idea - you could both choose to write the same sentence in full, or each make one half of it. The latter is the most romantic option because the message is complete only if placed next to the other.

Minimal style couple tattoos
Minimalistic couple tattoos are perfect if you want something simple, subtle and delicate - and if you don't intend to go through long sessions to make your artwork. It is also a great and very interesting option in case your partner's tastes in terms of styles differ from yours: designs of this genre, in fact, will suit everyone. This type of body art is entirely based on symbolism: no long quotes or intricate subjects, just a simple reminder of love.

Tattoos for married couples
Forget the traditional wedding rings: today more and more couples choose to make tattoos for their wedding. Usually placed on the ring finger, such tattoos are far more permanent than jewelry and can be adapted to make many different designs. They are also an interesting option to consider if you don't usually wear rings or if for some reason you can't keep a wedding ring on your finger. Married couple tattoos are a visual reminder of the commitment made to one another, and they will last as long as your love one.

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