Style your life- buy a unique way of candle

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Style your life- buy a unique way of candle

Making korean candle (韓國蠟燭)   is a fun and relaxing hobby and designing your own candles also allows for a lot of creative experimentation. But in this busy schedule, we are not able to give time for our hobby. We are thinking of buying and selling specific products and many of us make our hobby a business and earn lots of money.

A candle-making business can be extremely profitable and not only there is a low-cost barrier to entry, but the candle-making industries had higher profits, and there is no shortage of customers buying candles they love. On every occasion, the candle is brought and many of them use it for daily purposes at home as they love candles, they light candles.  

There are many Candle workshops (工作坊) that show off different styles and different colors of candles. For which you have to book a ticket or passes to enter the workshop. When you will see the candle, in varieties and you will buy one for yourself also and friends also.

We also have a workshop that teaches you Ceramic class ( 陶瓷班) for everyone which is enjoyable and you will get to learn many types of Candle making, shapes, styles, colors. We also provide you with theoretical and practical knowledge on candle production.

The basic materials required to make candles are wax, wicks, color, and fragrance, molds, and containers. Soy wax is the best for making candles and it is simple to melt down and mix with essential oil easily. Paraffin wax is a very inexpensive wax it is mostly used by all brands and it can hold high fragrance also. It also comes in various melt points, making it suitable for making many different types of candles, from containers to pillars.

Go Rigor is the best place not only for making candles but it is also famous for making paintings on the light lamp, turkish lamp (土耳其燈) , wall painting, and lots of the children are learning to make candle and painting. Designing lamps with the unique texture of paintings and different types of color are used to design that to unique style. And when you buy it for us. Art and entertainment are the famous suppliers of handmade corporate events and team buildings. Join us now and visit our Instagram, Facebook you can find us and know more about our works and the community who have joined us.






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