Curious to learn to make candles --- book your seat now

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Curious to learn to make candles --- book your seat now

A candle is an ignitable wick embedded in wax, or another flammable solid substance such as tallow, that provides light, and in some cases, a fragrance. A candle can also provide heat or a method of keeping time. Portions of the wick that are not emitting vaporized fuel are consumed in the flame.

Clab baking candles is founded to help people who run workshops or prepare to start their own business in diverse craft markets, and who wants to enjoy emotional hobbies, to present new and various design on candles and craft, and to help them enjoy easily.

Clab Baking Candles course, where you can learn how to swell and harden wax to create a variety of attractive bread designs. At Go Rigor Culture you can learn 5 types of different baking candles in 1 day. It is perfect for trial or hobby purposes and strongly recommended for non-experienced students.

At our candle workshop 韓國蠟燭  you will many things and different types of baked candles, where you learn courses such as,

  • Wax tool introduction
  • Learn the skill and techniques to making toast, sponge cake, and muffins without using a mold
  • Different ways to make fruit candles, such as strawberry, orange, raspberry, blueberry, etc.
  • Way to make cream
  • Way to make powder sugar

Polished hand-painted ceramics ( 波蘭手繪陶瓷 ) that are handmade, you can buy them from GoRigor, one of the best sellers of handmade. By attending our workshop, you can enjoy and learn how to polish the ceramics, which are designed by hand with beautiful designs. Gorigor One of the famous polished ceramic patterns with elegant and evenly painted ceramics. Each artisan is very talented and has their own style. Some of the floral gardens are stamped with abstract patterns.

Go Rigor is the best place not only for making candles but it is also famous for making paintings on the Turkish Mosaic Lamp (土耳其馬賽克燈), wall painting, and lots of the children are learning to make candles and painting. Designing lamps with the unique texture of paintings and different types of color are used to design that to unique style. And when you buy it for us. Art and entertainment are the famous suppliers of handmade corporate events and team buildings. Join us now and visit our Instagram, Facebook you can find us and know more about our works and the community who have joined us.





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