Outline your research proposal In these simple steps - 2022 Guide

Outline your research proposal In these simple steps - 2022 Guide

A research proposal is a formal document and is mandatory to be written to get approval for further research on your chosen topic. A research proposal helps you to plan out your final research project which is required as per your degree completion university rules. A research proposal provides the basic outline for your research thesis topic, which you are planning to investigate in the final project. According to the rules of your university, the research proposal might have a different format, yet you need a proper outline before starting writing the research proposal. You can take help in this aspect just by saying 'write an essay for me'.


An outline helps you in organizing your initial thoughts about your final research proposal. It also helps you in keeping the record of the information that you have collected, before officially starting working on the project. The outline itself is not a part of the research proposal. It is more like a table of contents, but a detailed one. The outline is a rough sketch of your research proposal, however, it will help in saving your time and energy.


An outline is not as lengthy as a research proposal nor as shorter as a table of contents. However, it leads you throughout your research process. Writing an appealing research proposal is a challenging task in itself, as the approval for your research thesis is dependent on it. Thus, formulating an outline will help you in planning each stage of your research proposal in detail and makes your journey much easier. You might be a beginner and unable to formulate a proper outline.  Therefore, you can hire an expert essay writer, to write a compelling outline for you.


Following are the proper steps to write an outline for your research proposal.


Step 1. Research before you write


Before you start to write the outline, you need to compile and organize the information that is required for the explanation of your topic. Therefore, the initial and thorough research will enable you to find the required information. This is an important step, as you will have to elaborate on the issues in detail that you intend to explore in the specific area of study. You can also hire and take help from a professional to write my essay for me if you are unable to locate research studies that support your hypothesis.


Step 2. Divide the outline into headings and subheadings


To arrange the information in an organized sequence, place the information under the main headings and subheadings, following the format provided by your university. You can also use the research proposal outline, provided below:


  •       Title page


This page first contains your name, your supervisor's name, the institution's name, and the proposed title of the research project. The important part is to write a concise and workable title research project, which is neither broader, nor too narrow to work on.


  •       Abstract


Although an abstract provides a summary for the whole research project and is the second part of your outline. However, the abstract should be written after the completion of the outline. Since it contains important information from each section of the research proposal, you should write the abstract after writing all the other sections.


  •       Section one: Introduction


This part is aimed at defining the issue and explanation of the rationale, as to why the issue needs to be researched. This section must contain a brief background of the research topic and a general overview for the readers to better understand the topic.


The introduction section is to be further divided into the following sub-headings:



(i)      Problem statement


contains the explanation of the rationale behind the chosen topic.


(ii)    Research significance


explains, who will benefit from your research study?


(iii)    Research objectives


explain the objectives you are planning to achieve through the research study.


(iv)   Research questions


explain the main focus of your research study.


(v)    The research hypothesis


explains the relations between the study area and the proposed problem statement.


(vi)   The theoretical or conceptual framework


You need to point out some theories that support your proposed hypothesis regarding the research topic.


  •       Section two: Literature review


This section must be aimed at finding evidence and support for your main claim, from the existing literature. You should also include the literature gaps in this section if no sufficient information is available on your topic.


  •       Section three: Research design


In this section, you will need to demonstrate the strategy for investigating the research questions. In this section, you will also elaborate on the methods, by analyzing the results. This essay writer online is an expert in the research design phase.


  •       Timeline


For a research proposal, the timeline is also mandatory. Your work plan should be reinforcing that the chosen topic is relevant and timely.


  •       References or bibliography


This section provides a detailed list of the references, such as books, journals, articles, etc that you have used in the body section of the outline. These studies are referred to, as they support your main claim.  


  •       Appendices


It is the last part of your research proposal outline. You can list additional information and supporting material of the research in this section. It includes questionnaires, data tables and graphs, pictures from the field, and maps, etc.


Step 3. Review the outline


The outline is the initial draft of your research proposal, which will lead you throughout the research process. Therefore you must get it reviewed by a professional essay writing service, to avoid any ambiguities regarding its structure and sequence. The review process is important because if you succeed in framing the best outline for your research proposal, all your writing issues will be resolved. Thus, the time and energy you saved, can be used to write a masterpiece research proposal. 


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