The perfect format for a university research proposal - 2022 Guide

The perfect format for a university research proposal - 2022 Guide

As per your university degree completion rules, you might be required to write a research thesis. Before writing a thesis, you will have to write and submit a research proposal to get it approved. A research proposal is a document that proposes what topic or study area you will investigate in the final research project. You can take help from essay writer online for this task if you face any difficulty. This is an important document because it outlines your research process. Research proposals might have different formats according to the rules of a university and the fields of the study, yet also have some similar elements.


The research proposal is a well-structured and formal document through which you showcase your aptitude for the proposed study area. It also enables you to plan each stage of your research process in detail. Through this document, you will also communicate the possible strategies that you will be adopting to explore, analyze, and compile the information about your chosen topic. Therefore, a research proposal can be considered as a detailed plan that contains your strategies on how you will be conducting your final research project.


Writing a research proposal might become a stressful task for beginners. It requires background subject knowledge, familiarity with research trends, critical thinking and reasoning skills, data synthesis, analysis, evaluation skills, and familiarity with formatting and referencing styles. Due to the importance of a research proposal, an expert essay writer can be hired to get help, throughout the research process.


Following is the best format to help you in writing a university-level research proposal.


The title page


The title page is the first and the most read page of your thesis. It must have the proposed title of the research project, your name, the name of the supervisor, and the institution. The title must be a concise phrase, having 10 to 15 words. It should be reflecting the main theme of your research project. Use words that accurately indicate the scope of the study to your readers while avoiding using an abbreviation. 


An abstract and the table of contents


Since a research proposal is lengthier than that of an essay, you will have to add the table of contents to help your readers navigate the document. You can create the table manually however, Microsoft Word can also help you in auto-creating a table. The abstract can be added before or after the table of contents as per your university rules. An abstract is important as it summarizes the whole research project in 150 to 200 words.


The introduction section


In this part of your research proposal, you will have to introduce your topic or the issue to the readers. This section should be aimed at defining the issue. It should also elaborate a brief background of the issue and the context for the readers to understand the need for its further exploration. This is an essential part of your project therefore, you would have to make extra efforts to state the rationale behind the chosen topic. You can also consult a highly professional write essay for me service, as your research project is dependent on this part.


This part must also have separate sections allocated for the problem statement, the research significance, and objectives, the research questions, the research hypothesis, theoretical or conceptual framework.


The literature review


The literature review is a survey of existing literature related to your research topic. The existing literature might be broad therefore the review must be aimed at finding more information on the particular aspect of the topic that you are researching. There is also a possibility that the existing literature might be lacking sufficient information on your topic. Therefore, you can also identify the literature gaps and contribute to adding more information on the topic, through your research findings. You can take help from professionals on such topics just by saying 'do my essay'.


The research design and methodology section


In this section, you will discuss your strategies for finding the answers to the proposed research questions. You will discuss the chosen research area where you will be conducting research. It should also include a description of the demographics of the population. This section will indicate the nature of the research study, i.e., qualitative or quantitative natures. You would also provide information on the sample size and sampling techniques.


Data collection and data analysis techniques would also be discussed in this section. You would have to elaborate in detail, on whether you would be conducting interviews with your respondents or collect information through questionnaires. You would also discuss your study's dependent and independent variables.


The time frame


This part would provide information on the proposed timeline for your research project. It would help you in planning out your whole research project and guide you throughout the process so that you can meet deadlines.


The references and bibliography


There are two types of references in a research proposal. If you are quoting a researcher's idea, you will have to write it down in your own words and then provide the last names of the authors, with the publishing year of the article. You will also provide a list of references used, at the end of the research proposal. You can do it manually as well as through different referencing apps.


Before submitting the research proposal, you must carefully read it multiple times to omit any grammatical and formatting mistakes. You might succeed to get a green signal to start writing a thesis if you failed to submit a well-structured research proposal. Due to its importance, writing professionals can be hired to do my essay for me, if you are unable to put together a strong research proposal. 


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