How to Fix PC Performing Slow After Installing Norton

When you install Norton on a computer, it may become slow. The issue could be with any computer, not just yours. This problem arises for a variety of reasons. If your computer does not have enough RAM, it may begin to slow down. Your computer may run slowly if it has less storage than it r

Reasons for PC Sluggishness After Norton Installation

The most common causes of a slow PC after Norton installation are listed below. It will be much easier to remedy the problem if you are aware of the causes.


Viruses and malware can slow down your computer.

The performance of your PC may be harmed if you have a significant amount of garbage files on your computer.

The issue could be caused by unused products or programmes that have not been verified.

Note: We've covered the most typical causes of a slow PC following Norton's installation. We'll now go over the methods for resolving the problem. Read through the entire procedure.

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