How to Style in a Cafe Racer Leather Jacket?

Cafe racers are simple yet stylish leather jackets that won't just go well with your formals but will uplift your casuals too! Learn the ways you can style them!

The cafe racer leather jackets are a branch of the motorcycle jackets. These stylish jackets are famous for their straight zipper, around the collar, and minimal style. These jackets come with two pairs of pockets. The first on the chest and the second pair on the waist.

It gained popularity amongst bikers and racers making it a vintage leather racing jacket. Recently, it has become more of a fashion statement and is worn for casual and fashion purposes. All genders love this jacket equally because of its beauty in simplicity. The main cause of its fame is that this jacket pairs up easily with any type of clothing and keeps you in style.

There are many different styles and ways of wearing these jackets. Well, we’re here to help you style the café racer leather jacket.

Jacket With a White Tee

The first and the most basic, yet the evergreen style of wearing these jackets is with a white T-shirt. You can easily pair up this style with black or blue jeans to get that killer look. If you want to add to your smartness and leave a lasting impression wherever you go, put on a pair of glasses and a wristwatch. This style is perfect to make a friendly yet confident appearance. So put on this leather jacket and rock the casual look better than anyone else!

All Black

As we told you, these jackets go perfectly well for all genders. If you’re a woman, you can really take this look to the next level with a tan, brown leather jacket. This brown jacket along with flap pockets would match perfectly with ripped black or blue jeans. This jacket is so light that you won’t even feel that you’re wearing one. Yet, by the awestruck looks, people give you, you would know that you’re wearing this jacket. It has an elegant style which makes it your best companion when it comes to attending weddings, parties, or commuting around town.

Muffler and Jeans with a Jacket

We suggest you keep switching the way you wear these jackets till you find the style that suits you best. By trying it out, you can find your own style. You can try the buttoned collar cropped jacket which makes for a really badass look. Throw a muffler or a scarf around your neck to complete this amazing appearance. You forgot something! Just wear shades when it’s a sunny winter afternoon to make this look, look even better. Now, no one can stop you from looking amazing.

Zipper Jacket

Many people look for simple and lightweight cafe racer leather jackets. The zipper jacket fulfills all these needs. Many people prefer this apparel for style traveling. You can look for a jacket that has zipper-style pockets and cuffs. Along with this, a designed, quilted shoulder part to make it look stylish. Such attention to detail in a jacket effortlessly increases your dressing’s attraction. If you’re a lady, you can take a stylish handbag to go with this jacket. This is when the quilted part plays its role and doesn’t let your shoulder strain from the load of the handbag.

Casual Attire and Leather Jacket

You don’t have to worry about always styling your attire while wearing a cafe racer leather jacket. There might be days when you just don’t feel like dressing up. For such days, just wear this leather jacket over your regular denim shirt. You can also pair it up with a plain gray shirt along with dark blue jeans to make you look more stylish and sophisticated.

Café Racer Jacket With Formals

If you thought that you can only wear leather jackets in casual attires. Well, you’re in for a surprise. You can wear café racers, one of the most versatile leather jackets, to formal events too! You can do this by putting on a leather jacket over a crisp white button-down shirt and black formal pants. Pair formal lace shoes and a nice belt with your attire and you would be good to go! This way a café racer can be the perfect choice for casual plus formal gatherings.

The Winter Combo

Do you feel chilly just wearing a leather jacket? We’re here to save the day in style. You can make a perfect combination by mixing up a black leather jacket along with a sweater and black pants. So, now the only other thing you need to rock this look is a smile on your face!

These cafe racer leather jackets are the go-to style options not only for motorcycle riders but for people of all ages. The classic designs continue to rock the world of fashion through a vintage leather racing jacket. These vintage designs have always managed to make a special place in peoples’ hearts and remind them of fond memories. Thus, making the cafe racer leather jackets one of the most stylish and loved pieces of clothing in the fashion industry.

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