Workplace organization.

Workplace organization for a first time.

Workplace organization.

Prepare the place where your classes will take place. It is necessary to remove all extraneous, distracting objects. There should be a lot of free space on the desktop, as you often have to look for material in different sources and combine it. It is worth preparing highlighters, colored pens, stickers. So the design of study notes will acquire a small playful character and make the learning process more enjoyable. Gadgets must be abandoned say If necessary, turn them on for educational purposes (for example, to solve demo options), and then turn them off again so that there is no temptation to mess around.

Educational materials.

To effectively prepare for the unified state exam, you will definitely need several sources. To do this, it is worth buying textbooks, teaching aids, didactic materials. Do not download unverified literature from the Internet. You can ask a school teacher what materials he would recommend for preparing for the exam in his subject. It will be a huge plus if this literature is recommended by the Ministry of Education. When purchasing test items, you should pay attention to the year in which they were compiled. Small adjustments and changes are made to assignments every year, so tests from previous years may not be relevant. There are several sites on the Internet that host demos and update every month, so it's worth taking this opportunity to solve as many of them as possible.

Theory or tests.

Many are concerned about the question of why it is better to prepare: on test tasks or do you need to gnaw at the granite of science from textbooks? And the answer is obvious: one without the other is simply impossible. Tests will be an excellent consolidation of the material already covered and will show gaps in knowledge. Accordingly, it is simply not possible to solve test tasks without theory. In a sense, tests bring the process of answering questions to automatism. Therefore, over time, this format becomes familiar and the exam will not cause a stupor from changing the way of answering.

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