Triquetrum Fracture - What You Need to Know About

Triquetrum fractures also reduce the range of motion of the wrist. In some cases, this condition also results in the dislocation of the other bone in the wrist.

Avulsion fracture or forced hyperflexion are the common reasons why triquetrum fractures occur. There are eight small bones in the wrist known as carpals, and one of them is the triquetrum. This bone is the one that is injured most often. Triquetrum is a three-sided bone and is present in the outer wrist.

This type of fracture could also occur in isolation, which means no associated injuries will be there. Despite this, triquetrum fractures are considered the most complicated ones and they are associated with dislocations or other carpal injuries. Triquetrum fracture is the second most common form of wrist fracture after the scaphoid fracture. In the case of broken wrist conditions, damage to muscles, ligaments, and tendons will also be there. Serious cases may require the application of orthopedic implants during the surgery to stabilize the fractured bone fragments. To get international standard quality Trauma Instruments and implants, find reliable Surgical Implants Manufacturers. 

Symptoms of Triquetrum Fracture

Pain is always associated with fractures and hence, people with triquetrum fracture will experience immediate and intense pain. Tenderness is also a common symptom noticed in this fracture type. Severe pain will occur if the injured wrist is used to hold or grip something, make a fist, or bend. Besides this, swelling, bruising, or a slight deformity will also be noticed.

Triquetrum fractures also reduce the range of motion of the wrist. In some cases, this condition also results in the dislocation of the other bone in the wrist. While on the other hand, if a nerve is pressed due to fracture, numbness or tingling feeling might be experienced by the person in fingers.


Causes of Triquetrum Fracture

When someone tries to prevent the fall by stretching his/her arm out, there is a risk of breaking the triquetrum. In this situation, the chances of breaking other bones in the wrist are also there.

Triquetrum fractures could also result due to traumatic injuries like automobile accidents, a direct impact at the back of the wrist by a blunt object, falling on the hand, or sports injuries. Besides this, people suffering from a condition that makes their bones weak are also prone to getting their triquetrum fracture. Osteoporosis is one of those conditions that put people at risk of this type of fracture.


Diagnosis of Triquetrum Fracture

Diagnosis of a fracture where the broken bone has not come out of the skin often starts with a physical examination. In the case of triquetrum fracture, the doctor will examine the wrist for any deformity, swelling, bruising, or tenderness. Plus, he/she will also see the painful areas and movements.

After the physical examination, the doctor will order an x-ray to confirm the location of the fracture along with its severity. In some cases, x-rays fail to provide conclusive evidence of the fracture, and hence, such situations require a CT scan.


Treatment of Triquetrum Fracture

The treatment of the condition solely depends upon the severity of the fracture. Mild fractures of the triquetrum are treated with prescribed analgesics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. The closed reduction will also be performed if required after giving local anesthesia.

Serious cases of the condition may require surgery for the treatment. Some of the goals that need to be achieved during the surgery include:

  • Removal of loose bone fragments
  • Repairing of damaged nerves and ligaments
  • Realignment of broken bone fragments with the help of trauma implants like orthopedic bone screws, plates, and pins

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