Pokémon BDSP will not contain everything from the original but will add DLC Pokémon

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Some players have expressed disappointment at the overall lack of improvements and additions to BDSP, arguing that these games are more similar to the remake than to the remake. If Game Freak devotes more resources to developing Pokémon Legends: Arceus and Scarlet and Violet, the BDSP may not contain all the monsters in the original.

If Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (BDSP) isn't considered a viable investment, Nintendo might question the introduction of Arceus into games, especially since those games don't have DLC or the possibility of future purchases. With Shaymin in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, and the upcoming Arceus and Darkrai, fans of Sinnoh Remake can finally start completing their legendary collection. While fans can't pinpoint the exact motivation behind Nintendo and Game Freak's timelines, each company's profit drivers and previous release patterns suggest that Arceus' delays are on schedule.

All DLC Pokémon added to Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl after launch

In addition to the recently announced mythical Pokémon Darkrai and Arceus, The Pokémon Company has added a total of four DLC monsters for Pokémon BDSP. Fans can currently get Shaymin and previously got Manaphy Egg. These powerful creatures all make their debut in Gen 4 through special events. In the Pokémon BDSP, the four Mythical Pokémon are distributed to players through a save bonus or mystical gift system.

Unlike the other three monsters, Manaphy is no longer obtainable in the game. From November 19, 2021, to February 21, 2022, fans can earn Easter eggs by visiting Mystery Gifts. During the event, players actually got two Pokémon. Trainers can not only hatch Mythical Pokémon from the Manaphy Egg in the Pokémon BDSP but also obtain Phione by breeding Manaphy. While the last event period is over, fans can add three more powerful monsters to their pics.

Players can now catch Shaymin in the Pokémon BDSP as of February 27, 2022. To begin the process of acquiring this floral Pokémon, the trainer must receive a letter from the oak tree via a mysterious gift. Players also need to be a Sinnoh Champion and obtain a National Pokédex. After talking with Professor Oak, I met Xie Min in the flower field near Shengli Road. From April 1st to April 30th, 2022, players will be able to find Darkrai in-game. Membership cards will be distributed via Mystery Gifts and allow entry to the Harbour Inn in Canalave City. There, players will be transported to New Moon Island, where Darkrai is located in Pokémon BDSP. Depending on how the Diamond and Pearl events work, players will need to acquire the Lunar Wing dropped by Cresselia on the first encounter.

After the 1.3.0 update, players will be able to battle and capture the mythical Pokémon Arceus. Trainers must first be inducted into the Hall of Fame, have a National Pokédex, and have a save of Pokémon Legends: Arceus for all major missions. After returning to the room in Futaba Town, the player will get the green flute. This instrument can be played on the spear post on the top of the crown to summon Arceus. This event was originally supposed to appear in the base game but was later removed from Diamonds and Pearls. Trainers should take this opportunity to add this powerful Pokémon to their arsenal. Buy BDSP Held Items here.

Over time, the Mythic Pokémon in the BDSP has grown in abundance. Players can already access Jirachi and Mew early in the adventure, as long as they have saved data for the Let's Go game as well as Pokémon Sword and Shield. Trainers can also collect tons of powerful Legendary Pokémon. Fans will have to wait and see if the Pokémon Company has more plans to bring more DLC monsters to the Pokémon BDSP in the future. Buy Shiny Pokemon at PKMBuy.com. Safe and cheap.

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