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Globis Vidya was established in 2015 with the aim of providing quality education to students with financially viable options. We dream of studying abroad for the rest of our lives, and then when the time comes we are carried away.

MBBS in Italy is one of the most fashionable and beautiful places in the world. Right? Studying MBBS in Italy is all about making those feelings a reality. Nothing can go wrong with the goal of providing a lucrative investment of time, finance and career acquisition, including medical education at a quality and affordable price.

If you are interested in MBBS in Italy 2022 Winter Session, stay tuned and read the full article. We will discuss every aspect of 2022-2023 MBBS in Italy, which will help you to get a place in the best medical university in the country.


Benefits of studying in Italy

No entrance examination is required to study at Italian Medical Universities (NEET qualification is sufficient).

There is no capitalization fee.

Indian students seeking admission are admitted to these Medical Institutions recognized by the Medical Council of

India for screening tests conducted by the NMC.

Wide exposure to medical practice due to the wide range of possibilities and multiple profile hospitals with high facilities.

Colleges in Italy do not ask for any donations at the time of admission.

Tuition fees are very low and affordable.

Elite organizations such as the WHO and the NMC recognize medical colleges in Italy.

The cost of living for students is also very low.

MBBS courses in Italy follow the English language system.

The dormitories are comfortable and convenient for students.

MBBS colleges in Italy offer excellent academics and sports.

The MBBS degree that students receive from Italian medical colleges is world-renowned and highly valued.

Students are eligible to work in government hospitals upon completion of MBBS course.
Government hospitals in Italy provide practical training for medical students.

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