Top 5 Best Characters to Pick in Street Fighter V

Playing Street Fighter V competitively has spawned various tier lists as to which characters can give the best advantage. Check out five such characters here.

The multiplayer feature of Street Fighter and its succeeding installments made the game one of the first examples of an esports title. In the following decades since its initial release in 1987, Street Fighter tournaments have been held across the world. The game has given gamers and fans so much excitement from such events.


Street Fighter V, the game’s latest version, has been enjoyed by pro players as much as casual fans do. Its competitive play made some enthusiasts create a tier list that groups together characters that can provide any player with the advantage they need.


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Akuma is one of the antagonists of Street Fighter and first appeared as a secret character and boss in Super Street Fighter II Turbo. What many players enjoy in using Akuma is his ability to open up his opponent’s defences and his hard-hitting attacks. Akuma can also use some of his techniques in mid-air including the Tatsumaki and Gohadoken.



Rashid is a Middle Eastern fighter who likes technology and is one of the new characters of Street Fighter V. He is one of the most versatile characters in the game as his attacks are incredibly fast. This means Rashid can adapt to any playstyle he is under.


Additionally, players like using Rashid due to his V-Skills which can open up possibilities for excellent mid-air combos. His V-Trigger, meanwhile, can boost his movement speed while knocking his opponent into the air.



Cammy is the second-ever playable female character to be played in the entire Street Fighter series. She made her first appearance in Super Street Fighter II as an assassin working for Shadaloo. What makes her viable in-game is her speed in closing in on her opponent plus the damage she can dish out when she lands her two V-Skills.


M. Bison

Bison is the primary antagonist of Street Fighter, first appearing as a non-playable character in Street Fighter II. Players who use M. Bison usually play him aggressively, especially with his V-Skills that allow him to absorb projectiles or knock the enemy back as well as teleport behind the enemy to hit them hard.



Urien is a malicious disciple of the Secret Society and is the younger brother of Gill, the main antagonist of Street Fighter III: New Generation. However, Urien first appeared in Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact. 


What players like about Urien is his V-Trigger called Aegis Reflector which allows him to set up multiple barriers around his opponent and beat them up more easily.


Whether you play casually or competitively, using these five recommended characters in Street Fighter can help you win multiple games and guarantee you a fun time. Meanwhile, if you enjoy watching tournaments, expect these five to show up as some of the pro players’ best picks.


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