Tesla to get the Cybertruck into Rocket League

Tesla to get the Cybertruck into Rocket League

Rocket League may be a 4-12 months-vintage sport, however its lovers nevertheless play it voraciously. Since its launch in 2015, developer Psyonix has supported Rocket League with new modes and seasonal occasions, however additionally many cosmetic DLC crossovers. In October, Psyonix held a Rocket League Stranger Things crossover, and the game has added many iconic movie and TV motors to the sport, just like the Batman v Superman Batmobile and the Jurrassic Park Jeep. There had been so many crossovers that it's no longer out of the query for any vehicle to Rocket League Trading make its manner into Rocket League, however the Cybertruck occurs to fit mainly nicely.

While a petition isn't always probable to do lots to persuade Tesla to get the Cybertruck into Rocket League, it is no longer like Musk would not have a records with gaming. Musk found out at E3 2019 that Tesla vehicles will get a racing sport drivers can play with the steering wheel, as well as a port of hyper-hard platformer Cuphead (playable with a controller, now not the wheel). While this could come someday inside the destiny, Tesla motors already have Rocket League Items Prices positive Atari games on-board, consisting of Super Breakout and Missile Command. Additionally, Musk even immediately addressed the Cyberpunk/Cybertruck comparisons after the legit Cyberpunk 2077 twitter account commented on Musk's Cybertruck monitor tweet, Musk spoke back "See you in 2077."

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