Where to find Munchlax in Pokemon BDSP

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Studio ILCA has added some extra features to help modernize the fourth-generation RPG. One of the biggest changes is a new way to capture Munchlax. Now, instead of waiting days (sometimes weeks) to get Snorlax pre-evolved in Honey Trees, trainers can now easily find this rare creature in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl.

Where can I find Munchlax in Pokemon BDSP?

Players will first be able to capture Munchlax in the Overworld after defeating Gym #4 in Pastoria City. After obtaining the Defog HM, the sleepy normal will start spawning.

Snorlax pre-evolutions are easier to spot in the fourth-gen remake as Snorlax appears in a few specific locations. Here are the steps to find Munchlax in BDSP:

The player must first obtain the Defog HM from the green-haired NPC in the Everglades Safari. After obtaining the hidden move, defeat the Pastoria City Gym.
Now head back to Sandgem Town and use the Explorer Kit item to enter the Grand Underground.
You need to find the Steppe Cave Hideout, which looks like a green square on the map and is located at the southernmost point of the cave.
Enter Hideaway and look for Munchlax. If the 'mon isn't there, just leave the room and re-enter it to change the Pokemon spawn in that area.
Repeat the same process, going in and out of the hideout, until the Munchlax finally spawns. Once you see it, bump into it and a fight with it will trigger where you can grab it now.

How to Evolve Snorlax

As if finding Munchlax wasn't too difficult, turning it into Snorlax required more errands. Before evolving, players need to get their "mon" to meet the correct conditions. Trainers must ensure that the characters in their team are happy. Here are the steps to evolve Munchlax into Snorlax.

If fans want to trigger the Snorlax evolution, they need to raise their friendship level with Munchlax.
Get it out of its Pokeball as you walk around the map and fight other trainers or Pokemon.
Give 'mon berries to boost its happiness. The following foods are especially fast in improving friendships: Hondew, Kelps, Qualot, Tamato.
Once it has enough hearts, level it up once and the Snorlax evolution sequence will automatically trigger.

How to get Munchlax eggs by breeding Snorlax

Another way to get Munchlax is through the game's breeding feature. This would be helpful for those who caught Snorlax before evolution. Trainers looking for Shiny Hunts will also want to make duplicate Munchlax eggs with their Snorlax evolution.

In order to use this method, the player will need to obtain a Rock Climbing HM from a hiker in the field next to Snowpoint. Then you need to beat Gym #5 to use the Hidden Move.
After returning HM to Veilstone City, use the Rock Climb to climb a wall south of town. At the top of the structure is a Poke Ball item that can be picked up to earn a can of Full Cense.
Deliver the intact incense to your Snorlax as a held item.
Next head to Solaceon town and enter the nursery. Use the second Snorlax of the opposite sex to drop your Snorlax holding the incense. You can also use Ditto, which can be found on Route 218, through the PokeRadar app.
After leaving it in the nursery for a few minutes, return to pick up an egg.
Equip it to the party slot and use your bike to ride back and forth across the map. This item will eventually hatch into a Munchlax.

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