New World: Guild Operation Guide Players Should Know

New World: Guild Operation Guide Players Should Know

MMORPGs are a firmly and consistently popular genre, and many MMORPGs follow a similar structure and share the same core mechanics. When New World launched, it inevitably borrowed a lot from previous games, especially when those elements have proven to be enduringly popular among players. To keep New World Coins players engaged, New World needs to find new ways of doing things and keep familiar elements fresh and interesting.

New World draws on many classic MMORPG elements by including key elements such as PvP and PvE combat, experience-based character development, and the addition of characters and classes. One particular element that came under scrutiny was how New World utilizes guilds, a favorite aspect of any MMORPG player.

To differentiate its guilds from other similar games, New World tried to call it "Companies". Although they may be slightly different, the New World Corporation operates in much the same way as the standard guild system, where players can unite under one banner as needed. However, the options aren't as flexible as gamers initially thought.

After completing a portion of the game's main story, players will choose to Buy New World Coins belong to one of three New World factions. Players can switch factions after 120 days, but their choices affect which New World companies they can use. Players also have the option to create their own company, which can be heavily customized if they want to go that route.

Faction-controlled territories can change throughout the game as their fortresses are occupied by enemy players. Companies can declare war on one of the twelve territories that make up the Isle of Aetereum, and participate in their faction-specific quests, meaning the factions and companies players are allied with can significantly shape their gaming experience. Additionally, NewWorldCoins offers all players cheap New World Coins to increase their advantage.


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