What are the 10 best Shinies to find with Pokeradar in Pokémon BDSP?

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Shiny Pokemon are highly regarded among those who hunt them, mainly because of their rarity. It's no secret that not all sparkles are created equal, and some are downright disappointing. However, good Shiny is the real pinnacle of the Shiny Hunting world, because not only will you get a rare Pokemon, you'll also get a Pokemon that looks great.

Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are no exception, as they feature the most diverse set of shiny hunts in a Switch game to date, and they're the perfect game for you to pick out cool-looking shiny. Here are the best Shinies you can get with Pokeradar.

Wobbuffet - a fancy pink that somehow works

Pokemon has no shortage of pink shinies. It's one of the most common colors, and in many cases, it doesn't look good. For Wobbuffet, though, it feels very fitting. It's such a weird and quirky concept for Pokemon that the vibrant colors seem about right.

If you want to capture your own shiny Wobbuffet, you can find it in any of Sinnoh's lakes - True Lake, Subtle Lake, and Courage Lake are all home to weird but cute Punching Bag Pokemon.

Miltank - Cool Cow Blue

Just as blue Pokemon with pink shinies are common, pink Pokemon also often end up with blue shinies. That's true for Miltank, and while it's not the most popular color scheme, it looks good on cows. It's a shame that Miltank's opponent Tauros has such an impressive sheen.

Baltoy - more subtle color changes

Sometimes, more subtle shinies are just as good, if not better, than full palette swaps. Baltoy's evolution, the Claydol's shiny appearance, is basically the same as its regular shape, except that its red eyes have turned yellow. It's a small change, but very effective.

Route 206 is where you'll find the shiny Baltoy, but let's be honest, the un-evolved Pokemon's shiny isn't as cool as its evolution, so it's a game that really only pays off if you evolve hunting.

Aron - A great sparkly collection that makes (kind of) the perfect feel

Aron and its product line are mostly made of metal, so it's a wonderful coincidence that in the days of algorithmically generating shinies, they ended up with rust-like color swaps. Granted, the green is more akin to copper oxide than any grey silver metal Pokemon is made of, but it still looks cool. In addition, Aron especially highlighted the sparkling cold red eyes.

If you want to capture and evolve rusty metal critters for yourself, Fuego Ironworks is the place to go. Unfortunately, however, Aron is exclusive to Brilliant Diamond, so if you're playing Shining Pearl, this one isn't for you.

Smeargle - Another great subtle change

The Smeargle's shiny overall fur does have a very slight color change compared to its regular form, but what makes the shiny so good is the paint color on its tail that changes from green to red. It's these subtle differences that feel so snug and make shiny products like Smeargle stand out.
Trapinch and Vibrava - Pokemon with outstanding shiny evolution

Flygon is a great Pokemon. It has great typing, looks cool, and has some nice stats to boot. Best of all, it's glossy, so why wouldn't you want to experience the great shinies of a great Pokemon for yourself? Flygon itself is not huntable in BDSP, but its two pre-evolution versions Trapinch and Vibrava are.

Both Trapinch and Vibrava can be encountered using Pokeradar on Route 228, so head there, grab a shiny, and upgrade it to evolve your amazing shiny Flygon.

Swablu - Regal Gold for such a graceful bird

The ethereal cloudy atmosphere created by Swablu and Altaria certainly evokes the concept of elegance. What better color for such an elegant Pokemon than a pretty Emperor Gold? Well, that's exactly the shiny color of the line, and considering they were pretty cool Pokemon to begin with, it's definitely a shiny to go for.

If you love the sound and want to have your very own shiny Swablu, then Route 211 is the place for you. Like many others, it can also be hunted in the Great Underground, but you can't use Pokeradar there, so it may take longer.

Mareep - The Legendary Pink Sheep

If you've ever played Minecraft, you've probably heard of the extremely rare pink sheep that swaps out its usual white color for a cute pink marshmallow look. That's exactly what Mareep's Shiny does, and it makes this cute little electric sheep look even better.

Mareep's Shiny is even rarer than Minecraft's pink sheep, but if you want to take on the challenge of finding one yourself, head over to Valley Windworks. Flaaffy can be encountered on Route 222 if you want to evolve.

Ralts - a matching blue family

Ralts' shimmer is a nice pale blue, as are the shimmers of the other product lines introduced in Gen 3. A few years later, the 4th generation introduced a new member of the Ralts family - Gallade. It's a darker green than the existing line, but incredibly, its algorithmically generated sheen turns out to be a deeper blue - perfect fit!

Shiny Gardevoir and Gallade look great together, and since you can capture multiple Shiny things in one chain, there's no reason not to go for the whole family. Ralts can be met on Routes 203 and 204, where you'll also find Kirlia.

Ditto - a very accessible, iconic Shiny

Assuming you don't want to hunt in perfectly possible random encounters, Ditto has actually historically been a hard-to-get shiny product since you couldn't breed it using the Masuda method. Lately, you can lock it up in Let's Go, but it's one of the hardest Pokemon to do.

But now, in BDSP, Ditto can connect to Pokeradar on Route 218! It's a stunningly shiny one that's instantly recognizable for its role in the anime, so there's no reason why you shouldn't take this great opportunity to get one.

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