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Financial expense management sys

Financial expense management system.

Financial management system is divided into traditional financial management system and contemporary financial management system. The traditional financial management system is mainly based on financial accounting work, on this basis to expand some other accounting practical operations. Such as general ledger management methods, manufacturing accounting reports, etc. The contemporary financial management system is based on the traditional financial management system and expands other accounting practices. Most of them are about financial management level, such as my income tax calculator, departmental budget.

Role of financial management system.

Along with the current requirements of each company on the financial management system, nowadays the current market has also long shown several financial management system service platform, what are the basic elements of the financial management system?

1. Voucher management methods

1.1 Voucher entry

Replaces the whole process of manually making finalized financial accounting vouchers, giving a standardized simulated voucher keying page and background management quote library, accounting entries. The system also gives a lot of finalized function buttons in the voucher keying page: boost voucher, delete voucher, approve voucher, view front and back financial accounting vouchers, pinpoint the first voucher of each month, print out, and browse.

1.2 Voucher approval and posting

For institutional financial accounting vouchers entered manually or made by the system itself, in order to ensure the accuracy of voucher making, before carrying out the posting records, it is necessary to go through the approval procedure process of the treasurer, and the approval can be reviewed while looking at the vouchers, or you can check all the vouchers first and carry out batch approval after making sure they are accurate.

1.3 Month-end cost rollover

At the end of a fiscal year, this control module will fully automatically transfer the balance of the income statement discipline account to the borrower side of the current year's income discipline and convert it into the corresponding financial accounting voucher, while solving the voucher posting business process.

1.4 End of period payment

At the end of the period, the total amount of the borrowers and the cumulative amount of the multi-column accounts of all financial accounting disciplines will be carried out to carry forward the cost and participate in the calculation of the next fiscal year as the opening number.

1.5 Voucher Search

Based on the characteristics of accounting business process, the system sets the voucher search role and gives several search criteria for users to select, which is convenient for users and enhances the search rate.

1.6 Voucher Search

Users can check the vouchers from here by querying the detailed list of vouchers, and also by checking the vouchers based on the catalog of unaudited or unregistered vouchers.

1.7 Voucher guidance for individual cell owners' accounts management methods

According to the national financial rules and regulations, individual companies must do their accounts, and the system gives the corresponding control module to facilitate the accounting of individual plot owners to do their accounts and create their tables. Cell owners only need to key in the amount of income and expenditure, and the system can automatically generate vouchers, books and reports.

2. Book management method

The book is a summary and reflection of the overall status of the business scope of a convenient company in the accounting field.

The system can automatically generate general ledger, discipline ledger, total amount ledger, multi-column ledger, fixed assets ledger and income tax ledger. Users can access the various books as required and view or print them out. Users can also convert the data in the books into Excel files and complete the data export.

3. Report management method

The system gives the balance sheet, income statement, monthly inventory statement, current flow statement, and the above statements can be completed data exported, the report print out file format is defined by the user, in the report to enhance the query conditions of self-defined composition, and the report of the "through" indicates, until the matching financial accounting vouchers. Users can also select their own report control module according to the specific situation, carry out calculations, and print out.

4. Company information management method

The system gives the convenience to the user to do different sets of accounts in different industry fields for the main characteristics of the actual company.

4.1 Reset data 4.2 Accounting entry setting 4.3 Quote setting 4.4 Company details reporting 4.5 Fully automatic approval and posting 4.6 Voucher guidance setting 4.7 User management authority setting 4.8 All company information setting 4.9 Industry classification and levy rate setting

5. System role maintenance

5.1 Change dynamic password 5.2 Backup data data 5.3 Carry forward cost to the next year 5.4 Convert the material of this account set to Excel 5.5 Report designer programmer

Financial management system design program.

Design Principle

The selection of enterprise management mode should be realized on the basis of the overall development of strategic planning, production and operation situation, company type and branch to carry out systematic analysis, and at the same time the company should adequately design the program financial accounting method based on its own progress must. The following criteria must be followed when designing the program.

1. Security factor

Security factor is divided into system internal security, browsing security and security factor when connecting with other systems. Internal security is expressed in the security of the system database and its illegal data blocking, etc., according to the server firewall, zoning ip segment to prevent the destruction of the database by illegal program process, to plan the database, to carry out backup data, to review the recorded data, to remind changes to the content that does not meet the conditions, to carry out the blocking of illegal data. The security of browsing is demonstrated by the management method of classifying each department and each user according to the security settings of the administrator, and the control of the access restrictions of each group and the inflow of its information content. When connecting with other systems, it is necessary to ensure the security of internal data, protect the security channel of information content of external environment, and carry out key management of external information resources. In order to ensure the regular operation of the entire system, it is necessary to ensure the certain security and reliability of the system information content.

2. Applicability

Accounting information management system is a construction project, not a scientific research or experimental subject study. The final goal of the basic construction of the system is to serve the financial accounting must and serve the project to the company's requirements for financial data in the allowed area. The basic construction of the system should be a business system. Thus, the system should be developed and built in such a way that it meets the needs and operates efficiently with proper accuracy and precision.

3. Operational flexibility

The system should be designed to program the fuzzy search role of random composition, giving all aspects of the view to reach different stages of the report. To the complicated data structure should be completed to change the data of a table can be fully automated to change the data in the relevant tables, delete the data of a table can be fully automated to delete the data of other tables related to it, to ensure that the database file has no sink data.

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