If you've ever been to Wilderness you've probably noticed

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Bounty Hunter (Risky). If you've ever been to Wilderness you've probably noticed once you have crossed the border, you receive a target to OSRS GP shoot. This is precisely how Bounty Hunter works. Each participant in the Wilderness gets assigned a subject to remove. In the event of a successful elimination, you're rewarded with emblems which can be costly. You also get a prize which you have to drop. Be aware that this is very dangerous minigame and you may lose everything you've bought.


Barrows (Risky). Without a doubt most recognized game on the list. Barrows is a mini-game that is located near Morytania swamps. The player walks through a graveyard with a labyrinth. In those tunnels, you will find the Barrows Brothers who were buried there for a long time.


When they defeat the ghosts of these brothers players can receive generous rewards in the form Barrows gear and gold coins, runes, and other valuable objects. This game is considered as one of the most profitable money-making activities since it does not require any advanced skills and rewards with lots of prizes. If you're interested in knowing more about Barrows be sure to check out our OSRS Barrows Guide.


Nightmare Zone (Safe). This minigame also called NMZ is where you'll be able to be able to fight the previous bosses who you've defeated on your quest through the world of Gielinor. The more quests you've completed , the more bosses you will be able to battle in this location. Begin by heading toward Dominic Onion near tower located to the north-east of Yanille. It is also the ideal location to practice your melee fighting skills so make sure to read our Nightmare Zone guide where we explain details of this activity. In return for your participation in Nightmare Zone you can choose different herbs, items and even upgrades for your already owned gear.


Pest Control (Safe). This is a minigame for teams so you'll have to cooperate with others to succeed. In the Void Knights' Outpost you can choose to get into one three boats, which represent three different difficulties: easy medium , and difficult. After a set number of players are seated on the boat they are transported to the island swarmed by cheap RuneScape gold the pest.



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