Lemonade braids are inspired by the Beyonce, it is side cornrow braids, with this hairstyle Beyonce rocked during the filming of her lemonade album.

Lemonade braids are an outstanding hairstyle, it also looks awesome with any skin color, race, or fashion and you can go with this hairstyle at any formal event without having any worry.

So, if you want to try a new look in this holiday season, then lemonade braids are the best option for you.

Let’s check out some hot and outstanding looks of Lemonade braids. 

What Are Lemonade Braids?

Lemonade braids are named after Beyonce’s lemonade album. In this album, Beyonce frequently rocked with her side cornrow style. Lemonade braids are a protective style that is sported by black women.

These braid hairstyles start at the front and they are swept and woven to one side. Lemonade braids are also known as the cornrow braids.

This hairstyle is low in maintenance and this hairstyle is unlikely that will not go out of style. Because of Beyonce, most of the people got to see the lemonade braids through her amazing music videos as well as on tour.

So, the lemonade braids have not got better publicity than Beyonce. Since her album was released with this braid style, then it has just grown in popularity.

Not surprising since she is huge for a season. Because Beyonce loves to try new things with her hair. This is not the first daring hairstyle that she has tried out.

So, it seems Beyonce likes to push the limits with her hair in the same way that she likes to push her limits with her clothes.

The Beyonce long term stylist is Kim Kimble, which helps Beyonce to achieve the most of these looks. Yes, Kim Kimble is the person who is then responsible for the styling Beyonce for her lemonade album.

There were many different braid styles throughout the album and Beyonce rocked every one of them.  



What Is The Difference Between Box Braids And Lemonade Braids?  

Box braids are sectioned into the square or the rectangular partitions. While lemonade braids are cornrows on one side.

This information will help you to know about what lemonade braids are and what box braids are. 

How Long Does It Take To Do Lemonade Braids?

The time duration will usually depend on the skill of your hairstylist, the added hair that you are using, the length of the natural hair, and how you want to style your hair.

So the time will depend on person to person who gets these hairstyles. But the minimum time that the lemonade braids would take is 3 hours. So, ensure to eat prior to styling because it will be sitting for the hours.

They are low maintenance and long-lasting hairstyles. From big to small you can spice up the style with the different size braids.

Refined and neat thin lemonade braids can offer you more intricate patterns for the elegant and classy hairstyles.

Medium lemonade braids will reduce the time to set in the chair, but they still look stylish and sleek. On the other hand, large braids can offer you more texture and give you a dramatic statement.

You can also mix and match between these three braids because lemonade braids are so versatile. So lets check out some amazing and cool lemonade birds styles.

Lemonade Braids Styles For Women



1. Bohemian Braids

For the glamorous and some boho vibes add some few beads at the ends of your lemonade braids.

From the girly to pink, simple style or for the bohemian braid there are plenty of beads are available that will suit whatever look you like to try.

Whatever braid style you like to try but just make sure that you choose a size that will glide seamlessly over your locks.  

2. Side Braid 

These lemonade side braids are ideal for those persons who don’t like chunky braids. The thin cornrow braids are perfectly aligned with the scalps.

You can also notice the different line patterns in this hairstyle which merge perfectly. The person who loves the clean-cut styles appreciates the side braids.

The side braids show you how much the thought and effort go into the whole process. This small side braid hairstyle will take 3 to 4 hours maximum.

The side where the lemonade side braids fall depends on your best side. You can also add some accessories in your braids such as beads, clips, and seashells.   

3. Jumbo Lemonade Braids

Jumbo lemonade braids are the perfect braid style for the women to protect and tame to the thick mane. This statement makes this style is like a dream come true for the ladies with the thick, curly hair.

It keeps your locks in check and looks great at the same time. The best part of the jumbo braid is you can experiment this braid style with the hair extensions.

It will make your hair look thicker while protecting your hair from any damage and breakage.

In the jumbo braids hairstyle, The four jumbo lemonade braids snake around the head on the one side, and the other four additional jumbo braids drop straight on the other side.

They are neatly divided into the symmetrical triangular sections. The jumbo braids are an extraordinary hairstyle that is trim and sporty. 



4. Medium Lemonade Braids

Medium lemonade braids are ideal for those ladies who have thin hair and want to make their look a bit thicker. Add some hair extension for creating a slightly fuller, and more luscious looking locks.

Some girls also want medium lemonade braids with curls. If you follow this hairstyle with curls, then it will make a beautiful contrast. For this style, you need curly waves hair extension for the braids.

This will allow your hair to be braided while hanging the curls because of its nature of waves. You can maintain the curls out do suing water and gel or foam mousse so your curl pattern is maintained. 

5. Small Lemonade Braids

If you have small thin hair or you just want more delicate looks then small lemonade braids are creating a cute summer style. Well, this hairstyle is ideal for black girls who want to protect their natural hair.

For small lemonade braids add some hair accessories to the Fulani inspired braids. Usually, Fulani braids have beads at the ends of the braids.

You can do S or C curls so the edges will be on the fleek. But you have to maintain your braids ends on a daily basis.

Also, keep the hairspray on handy to keep your braids looking fresh and shiny. Also, use dry shampoos to keep your scalps fresh and healthy. 

Lemonade Braids