New World Invincibility Glitch is Still a Problem

New World Invincibility Glitch is Still a Problem

New World Invincibility Glitch is Still a Problem

Amazon Game Studios' New World has been enjoying a lot of success, even with all the issues that players reported over the weeks since release day. New World came out a month ago today, and it is still going strong in terms of player numbers on Steam, as well as engaging its playerbase in different ways. Being an MMO, New World is capable of offering a lot of variety in its gameplays and activities, and some players have been very creative in their approach to the game, with one of them reaching level 60 without ever killing anything - not even in the tutorial area.To get more news about buy new world gold, you can visit official website.

One of New World's most intriguing elements has always been tied to the Faction Wars that occur in every server, with many players partaking in the conflicts by choosing sides. However, the Wars are also where most of New World's current issues and glitches arise, seeing how many players' actions the server has to register at once. As such, with some of the Wars involving capturing objectives or mass fights, having an invincible character or more in the midst of it all can be quite problematic.
Thus, content creator and YouTuber Josh Strife Hayes' new video suddenly seems all the more important to understand what's going on in New World at the moment. The video was filmed in response to players claiming that the New World invincibility glitch that granted players infinite health had been patched last week, but as the YouTuber points out, this is most definitely not the case. While players have enemy aggro on them and are taking too much damage, they can dodge roll and drag the New World window around to prevent further damage being dealt to them, as they stand still, invulnerable.

This happens because New World registers damage ticks client-side, rather than server-side, and dodge rolls have invulnerability frames while they happen. As Josh Strife Hayes explains, the glitch can be replicated by playing in windowed mode and pressing Esc while performing a dodge roll, and then drag the window around before the animation finishes. This doesn't register all the hits taken by the player due to the client being tricked into believing the invulnerability frames are still up.

Of course, abusing this glitch can probably lead to bans, and it is likely that Amazon will try and fix it as soon as possible because of the impact on Wars. The glitch can also be even more problematic because of how New World players' gear takes durability damage on death, but cannot die as long as they dodge roll and drag the game window.


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