New World patch 1.0.5 brings changes to combat coin selling

New World patch 1.0.5 brings changes to combat coin selling

New World patch 1.0.5 brings changes to combat coin selling

The New World team shared the latest patch notes rolling out later today, focusing on fixing known exploits, bugs, and mitigating the coin selling issue plaguing the game.To get more news about buy new world coins, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

According to the team’s investigations, many of the coin sellers in New World have been creating new characters and transferring their gold to other accounts. Update 1.0.5 will implement new measures to counter this.These include restrictions for trading and currency transfers on characters that are both under level 10 and are less than 72 hours old. Once these prerequisites have been met, players will be able to trade as usual. Also, some early quest rewards have been altered so that less gold is given out. In turn, this gold can be gathered through later quests, so there will be no net difference for players committed to New World.

Players who have been reported have received bans or suspensions depending on the severity of their actions, but the team suggested that players continue to report any offenders they encounter.

Two exploits were fixed in this patch, an item duplication glitch at storage sheds and crafting stations, and gold duplication on territory projects. This fix should make it so if the Trading Post is ever disabled again, the problem should not arise.

The newly re-enabled Outpost Rush mode had some fixes rolled out, including stopping players from exiting the starting fort prior to matches starting, issues with nameplates and Battle Bread buffs, and repairing the teleportation loop error players encountered when using the Unstuck feature.

There were also plenty of new bug fixes to all aspects of the game. If you’d like to check out the specifics from update 1.0.5, you can do so on the New World forum here.


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