Preparations for joints and ligaments in sports nutrition: vitamins, sports supplements

There are 2 ways - a thorough warm-up before each workout and taking special sports supplements that strengthen ligaments and joints.

There are 2 ways - a thorough warm-up before each workout and taking special sports supplements that strengthen ligaments and joints. With the first point everything is clear, and the second let's consider in more detail, because there are nuances.


Sports supplements for joints and ligaments: what to take?

Find a sports drink that strengthens ligaments and joints, you can find without problems, and there are more than enough proposals on the market. The problem is that most of the supplements are absolutely useless. Also, there are products that do not meet the declared quality standards. Or they are overpriced, and you can buy a cheaper analog instead.

So below, let's look at those drugs that don't just relieve pain for a while, but really help. And for your convenience we will sort them by their effectiveness.

Drugs that are highly effective

The list of sports supplements is small, but they are considered the most effective. These include:

Glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate. Help strengthen joints and ligaments.
Collagen. In addition to its main task, it strengthens bones and improves skin.
Calcium and vitamin D. They should be taken together because they are vital for bones. Because of the lack of vitamin D can appear all sorts of disorders - for example, inflammation.
Omega-3. Helps reduce the synthesis of anti-inflammatory prostaglandins, preventing the destruction of cartilage. In addition, it reduces the pain of joint disease and makes them mobile. Therefore, all bodybuilders should periodically include it in the daily diet.
Growth hormone (strengthens ligaments and accelerates joint recovery), nandrolone or anapolone (these are anabolic steroids that help eliminate joint pain) also have a positive effect.

Drugs of medium effectiveness

The following drugs can be included in this category:

Methylsulfonylmethane. Suppresses inflammation and reduces pain. But does not affect the tissue repair process in any way.
S-adenosylmethionine. Considered a popular option in Europe because it has been clinically tested and approved by doctors. But there are two problems. First, it requires considerable doses (about 1,500 mg per day) for effective results. Second, it has a high price. As a result, the course of treatment turns out to be quite expensive.
Bromelain. An excellent supplement that helps to reduce pain and eliminate inflammation. But only in those cases where the injury was received recently.
Curcumin. An extract from plants characterized by anti-inflammatory properties. But according to studies, it has a weak effect.
Also bodybuilders are very helpful vitamins in combination with useful minerals. After all, they are considered to be excellent antioxidants.

Vitamin C Helps to synthesize collagen. Also reduces pain and speeds up the recovery process.
Vitamin E Prevents the risk of joint damage. Together with vitamin C reduces oxidative processes and increases the effectiveness of treatment. It has been confirmed that if you take a sports drink containing vitamin E and C after every workout, it helps to reduce pain and inflammation.
B vitamins Vitamin B5 improves collagen production and speeds up the wound healing process. The body must get it in the right amount, otherwise joint pain will worsen. Vitamins B6 and B12, which have an anti-inflammatory effect, also have a positive effect.
Minerals ensure good cell function, stimulate enzyme production, and help synthesize ligament cells.

Boron and manganese stimulate collagen production and improve metabolism.
Zinc activates the synthesis of enzymes responsible for cell growth. Its deficiency has a negative effect on the recovery process (tissue heals much slower).
Copper helps produce lysyl oxidases, which are necessary for the transformation of collagen and elastin. It also relieves pain, as it is characterized by its anti-inflammatory action.
Drugs with low efficacy
It makes no sense to list the sports foods that are useless or too expensive. After all, as mentioned earlier, this category includes many supplements - with the exception of those already listed above. Let us only note that the most ineffective are plant extracts and animal-derived sports drinks.

Many athletes also use anabol steroids to treat their joints.

Of course, to avoid paying for air, buy products from proven manufacturers. And remember that the main source of collagen is food gelatin.

In lieu of a conclusion

Thus, if you plan to buy supplements for the prevention or treatment of ligaments and joints, use those products that have maximum effectiveness. They will strengthen bones, prevent inflammation, reduce pain, and help you recover faster after an injury.

You can also take complex supplements Animal Flex (from the manufacturer Universal Nutrition) and Bone Boost (from the company SAN). These are popular preparations that.

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