Pokemon BDSP: How to catch shiny Pokémon in Grand Underground and Ramanas Park?

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Every encounter in the Grand Underground will not be considered wildlife on the map. Here is how to re-roll the shiny Pokemon in Hideaways.
Use your explorer kit to enter the underground world.
Walk into a Hideaway and meet you want a shiny Pokemon. Pokemon will not appear as Shiny in the Grand Underground main world, this can only be determined in battle.
If it is not Shiny, please flee the battle. Turn around to leave the room completely, then re-enter. Once you enter the room, each Pokemon will be pre-determined to shine.

Run around in the Grand Underground, looking for the purple glitter on the ground. Run over them, revealing a Diglet.
Find 40 Digletts in a row to trigger a special Shiny countdown timer.
You will now have four minutes to increase the flash rate to 3:4096 (3 out of every 4,096 encounters).

How to catch shiny legendary Pokemon in Ramanas Park?

Players will need to use strategies similar to those of Sinnoh beginners to capture the shiny legendary Pokémon in Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl.

You need to unlock Ramanas Park by clearing the game first, and then unlock the country's picture book by viewing all 150 Pokemon in the base area.
Once you enter the park and get the slate you need to fight the specific legend you want, save it before inserting the key items into the base of the room.
Insert a slate to trigger a legendary Pokémon battle. If they do not light up, please click the home button on the Switch immediately and close the game.
Reload your save and repeat the steps of inserting Slate to trigger the battle until you encounter the Shiny version.

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