India to Australia Migration 2022: All You Need to Know

For Indians desiring to relocate overseas, Australia has always been a top choice due to its guarantee of good jobs, excellent quality of life, and possibilities for further education or even commencing a business.

For Indians desiring to relocate overseas, Australia has always been a top choice due to its guarantee of good jobs, excellent quality of life, and possibilities for further education or even commencing a business.

Points based structure

The qualification of migration candidates in Australia is decided using a points-based system. To be eligible, you must first match the eligibility requirements, which include a score of at least 65 on a scale of 100 points. These marking rules are listed below.

  • Age (25-33 years): 30 points.
  • English proficiency: 20 points. (HS Consultants Education Migration can help you achieve top scores in tests like PTE with our Online PTE Coaching.
  • Work experience in Australia (8 to 10 years): 15 points.
  • Work experience anywhere else (8 to 10 years): 20 points.
  • Education outside the country or a doctorate: 20 points.
  • Niche skills like doctorate or master’s degree in Australia: 5 points.
  • Study in a regional area: 5 points.
  • Credited in community language: 5 points.
  • Professional year in a professional program in Australia: 5 points.

State Sponsorship (190) Visa: 5 points.     See if you are eligible

Indian Immigrants who desire to relocate to Australia generally choose one of the two immigration methods.

  • Skilled stream.
  • Family stream.

Skilled stream

Australia needs skilled immigrants who will add to the country’s financial development. Skilled migrants carry a better level of education and a greater opportunity of getting work, and the possibility to enhance the country’s economic contribution. As a result, employer-sponsored candidates have a better chance of reaching the intended objectives.

Most Indians migrate to Australia as talented workers and use the skilled migration plan to migrate to Australia.

You can apply for a visa via the GSM plan. Australia prints a list of more than 300 openings regularly in these occupation lists.

  • Skilled occupation list aka SOL.
  • Consolidated skill occupation list aka CSOL.

Eligibility criteria: The following are the eligibility needs for the general skilled migration, aka GSM plan.

  • You must have experience in a selected occupation on Australia’s skilled occupation list.
  • You must have a skill assessment report by a nominated officer for that career.
  • You must submit an EOI.
  • Your age should be under 45 years.
  • You must meet health and character criteria.

Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190): This permit is only available if you are selected by an Australian state or territory. This visa presents the same benefits as the Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189), except that you must have previous experience in a nominated job in the SOL.  

Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) (Subclass 491) Visa: This visa has replaced the Subclass 489 visa to PR in Australia. This visa needs you and your families to reside, work, and study in a selected regional area for five years. You and your family will be eligible for a PR visa after three years.  

Family stream

If your close relative is an Australian citizen or PR, you can move to Australia under this stream. Spouses, partners, dependent children, parents of citizens, and PRs of Australia prioritize the family stream. It also allows your other family members like elders, dependent relatives, caregivers, and others to relocate to Australia.

Other streams   

Employer-sponsored migration: This plan aims to solve skill shortages in the Australian worker market by matching job openings with immigrants who carry the needed skills and experience.

Business innovation investment plan: The Australian business visa program helps global entrepreneurs, leading executives, and investors run new or expanding existing organizations in Australia. This plan might also be a way of getting permanent residency.  

Distinguished Talent Visa: The Distinguished Talent Visa is for you if you have created a considerable contribution to the arts, sports, research, or academic sectors through your profession.

Which pathway should you take for immigrating to Australia?

The Australian government establishes migration planning levels and limits the number of slots available under every migration stream each year. Check below for the public places for 2021-22.

● Employer-sponsored: 22000.
● Skilled independent: 6500.
● State/territory: 11200.
● Regional: 11200.
● Business innovation investment: 13500.
● Global talent plan: 15000.
● Distinguished talent: 200.
● Partner: 72300.
● Parent: 4500.
● Other family: 500.
● Child special qualification: 3100.


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