Perhaps the most profound effect of the upgrade is about making overloads

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Perhaps the most profound effect of the upgrade is about making overloads

A good example of this isI attempt to withdraw 1k nature runes, so that I right-click it and move my mouse and click on quickly on the location where withdraw-1000 would be. However, I end up withdrawing the item right below it (soul runes in this case) which I have less than 1k of - that induces me to draw the entire stack, wasting time required to deposit the soul rune stack back and position it RS gold to where it was. This has also happened frequently when I attempt to withdraw-all-but-1 coins - that I shall instead withdraw all but 1 of this item 2 spots below it. Only recently has this begun to happen.

When yanking things by left-clicking, this happens as well. You click on something, move your mouse to the next thing you want to click, but the first click registers after your mouse moves, causing you to draw whatever the mouse pointer lands on. I noticed this particularly if utilizing mousekeys to draw items. I have my Astral, Cosmic, and Legislation runes at a lineup to make it easy to withdraw runes to get spellbook swap. More than once now, I attempt to draw said runes, and typically end up with something like 3 Fragrant, 0 , 3 law.

Perhaps the most profound effect of the upgrade is about making overloads. It's quite tough to describe this in writing. You will probably find that if you click quickly, you may withdraw ingredients which you simply move your mouse on rather than the ones which you first click .

Together with the Mousekeys doubleclick, sometimes once you move your mouse pointer after pressing the + button you may withdraw 1 of the item you originally clicked on and 1 of the item your mouse pointer lands around. This makes it very annoying to create large quantities of overloads, since you have to account for lag and slow down your clicks, or even click in this way to account for the lag (involves moving mouse back and forth after clicking). While I do not care about Herb XP anymore (being lv99 today ), I'm convinced this will cause annoyance for many people that are trying to receive 200m herb. Have you experienced any problems with banking and withdrawing the wrong items lately? Have you ever experienced this issue while trimming items?

Not a lot of you know me, but thats fine, I'm only a low-ranking member who makes their cap every week but doesn't bother to post it. Recently I lost most of my great equipment and money in a hack. I am not begging for something, so please, don't send me things unless you cannot be stopped from doing this. After some thought, I decided I was going to have a small challenge. I'll no longer be purchasing COMBAT EQUIPMENT from other players unless required by a quest.I was quite exited about the opening of this hidden source dungeons. In case you haven't discovered all of them yet, the xp reward is not important, but some of these regions can be very profitable. I am F2P, therefore I am only able to review F2P dungeons. Edgville: Hill giants- not as crowded as the normal edgville dungeon. Cranador: I found this dungeon quite dissapointing. It contains tons of lesser demons- and looks exactly like the rest of the island. This one is dumb. Dwarven Mines: The new greates mining place for F2P. Suprise: It's a bank in it! The one I want to talk about is the one inside the mining guild. Is this bad or good? The purchase price of rune will plumit from the preceding 18k an ore- is this good, or bad? Miners are buy rs gold paypal not going to have to travel deep into the wilderness for rune- but its missing its epicness as the king metal- nearly impossible to get ahold of. Along with the guild, one vacant, is now quite crowded.