This is not suggested because iron doesn't always earn a bar

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This is not suggested because iron doesn't always earn a bar

Okay, only mine some tin and copper ore and smelt them to RS gold bronze bars, smith them to weapons.

Do this before Smithing reaches Lvl 15.

This is not suggested because iron doesn't always earn a bar.

I did this and it is the worst way to get to lvl 31.

Instead, do The Knight's Sword quest, it's simple to do and gets your smithing lvl into 31 shortly after you finish it.

Levels 31-99:

By now, you should buy a small amount of coal and iron and start smelting pubs (make sure you purchase 2x the amount of iron in coal, e.g. 15 iron, 30 coal).

As of today, you get 914 gp for each steel bar you market at the G.E. When you get to about 1M gp, if your sick of smelting steel bars, compute just how much gold ore you want to get to 99 smithing and buy all the gold ore you can. You will lose some money, a lot actually, but don't worry, together with the rune items you make you can regain it all back from the time you reach about lvl 85.

Everything I found out just now that I reached lvl 68 is that I need to get to 1M gp so I can buy all of the gold ore I need to get to lvl 99. When I get to smelt a brand new metal (for me it will be in lvl 70 with addy) is I will mine the new ore and required coal and smelt 15 bars of this new metal. As I get better levels, I will smith the weapons I wish to smith and sell them for additional cash and exp. While I market at G.E.. This is my opinion on what I found to be easy. If you guys do not enjoy something, please send me a message on which I could improve. Anyhow, I hope I help some of you who really struggle with this boring ability. Good luck everyone.

I've devised a system of RuneScape

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