Registration of the content of the course work

Registration of the content of the course work

You should build your text according to the following scheme: title page - table of contents - introduction - main part - conclusions - list of references - attachments. All of these parts should start on a new page and be correctly numbered.

The title page has a number, but it is not put.

The title page is followed by a table of contents, which is also the content. In the form of a list, the structural elements of the course work are indicated (introduction, sections and subsections, conclusion, list of sources used, applications - if any) and the page numbers on which they begin. A placeholder (usually in the form of dots) can be used between the item name and the page number. As you can see, formating content of your assignment, not an easy process, but with help it become much easier.

Formatting the list of sources and footnotes

The list of references must be drawn up extremely carefully, recommend writers.Every sign is important here, so the teacher who conducts the normative control usually finds many mistakes. Let's take a look at the main points that will make this job easier.

Arrange all sources in alphabetical order by the author's last name. First, the English, then, if any, foreign. Normative acts, etc. are placed on a separate list.

Sometimes students use footnotes in coursework. They are separated by a horizontal line below the main text of the page. For the footnote, use the same font, but in a smaller size and with a smaller spacing, recommendations from service writers. The reference in the footnote is repeated in the list of sources. If the source is mentioned on the page two or more times, the words "in the same place" are put.

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