How to make coins quickly in FIFA 22

How to make coins quickly in FIFA 22

In FIFA 22, Squad Battles is a good source of coins and bags. Playing the game on professional difficulty may take three hours of game time to get the Gold 1 reward, which is also an obstacle that players usually need to clear to complete any related team battle objectives.

In terms of trading options, players should pay attention to high-end feeds, which refer to Buy FIFA 22 Coins rare gold cards of level 86 and above. When these prices drop, players should buy some for their transfer list. Class 86 cards below 7k look good, or 87s cards below 10k. As EA releases team building challenges that require high-level teams, these prices will rise.

In the past few years, feed prices have risen sharply at the end of November. Although the market performance of FIFA 22 is different, it is a wise move for anyone willing to invest and wait. Players should also start the game on Thursday or Sunday at 5 a.m. Eastern Time, one hour after the Div Rivals and Squad Battles rewards, respectively.

When people open their rewards, they will list valuable cards, but often no minimum bids are set, which means that FIFA 22 Coins cards worth 10k may start bidding at 700 coins. At any other time, this will be noticed by other players, thereby pushing up the price, but when the supply is large, there are too many auctions to end at the same time, and the low bid will often slip away.

Entering the market one hour after people open the reward and bidding a large number of cards at low prices at the same time will maximize the player's chances of becoming one of the lucky ones. People should target cards like the aforementioned feed players, who will be packed a lot during the reward period and can then be sold or held when the market recovers until the SBC arrives to make them more valuable. However, a simpler alternative is to buy cheap FIFA 22 Coins from UTnice.


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