Perhaps Runescape is enjoying a slowdown in popularity

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Today, I'm having trouble with ...(drumroll )... It's difficult to return it the way it used to. But, im trying to make it clear that they aren't dropping the items anymore. I've tried changing the lvl for my clue scroll infernal cape osrs, it doesn't work. I don't have any in my inventory nor in my bank.

If you are able, please respond. And my main problem is ....(again )....... I need some serious cash. I've been running low on cash recently so I was curious if anyone could give me some tips. For more details, refer to the stats below. There are no guarantees that you'll find a clue scroll. You could get one after 5 kills or after 500 kills. You might just be having an unlucky streak, but If you keep pounding away for a long time with the same beast, odds are that you'll get one eventually.

Oh, and the status of your RS is Freeplay, then you will not be able receive the clue scroll drop. These drops are only open to members. But, I'll presume that you haven't changed your RS Status:lol.

My favorite method of running is to earn money. Even if you aren't able to craft the higher runes yet such as natures, crafting airs in lower levels can be lucrative, but for a while it would be slow and tedious work Buy OSRS Accounts. An alternative would be to train your woodcutting up to level 60 by cutting willows in draynor, then cutting yews, which are a lot of money in a short time.


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