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Thanks to new design ideas, pearls are experiencing a global renaissance. Completely in trend and yet timeless, they appear in a completely new light and delight ever larger groups of jewelry customers. Handmade Jewellery store of Beads U Workshop crystal pearl is designed to perfectly reflect the spotlight that the world is shining on the pearl.

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Beads U Workshop crystal pearls are the only pearl of their kind on the market. They are artificial, yet artistically manufactured pearls, which compare with natural pearls in terms of charm and, in particular, in terms of their moderate weight. At the heart of this magnificent speciality, lies a revolutionary Beads U Workshop product innovation: several layers of pearl coating are applied to a relatively heavy crystal core using a special coating technology, which gives a perfect effect in its complete form.

Only those pearls, which are selected for meeting the most rigorous quality standards and which are perfect to the eye, make it onto the market as Beads U Workshop pearls. Their soft pearl flair, their creative adaptability and, in particular, their combinability with the comprehensive cut pearl range makes this Beads U Workshop innovation the ideal way to realise even the most challenging jewellery ideas. New colours such as the "Rosaline Pearl" and the new "Light Green" enhance the Beads U Workshop crystal pearl range with exciting colour shades, and together with the new sizes they provide a rich creative potential.

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A pearl's shine is described as its"lustre"and is produced by a combination of shimmering surface and the inner light of the pearl. As with the most beautiful natural pearls, the lustre of Beads U Workshop pearls is also bright and with a velvety light A pearl is not valuable unless it has a smooth and even surface. The surface of a Beads U Workshop pearl is perfectly even and consistent, with no depressions, scratches or blemishes whatsoever. The rounder the pearl, the more precious it is. Beads U Workshop pearls are perfectly round and beautiful, just explore designer Handmade Beaded Earrings, Knitted Bracelets or Handmade Feather Earrings at, wearable arts realized by artisans with soutache, embroidery, fresh water pearl, glass pearl, crystal pearl, etc.

Pearl colour is a very personal matter. Beads U Workshop pearls offer a wide spectrum of colours from light pink, silvery white and cream, to strong shades of gold, deep dark-grey and black, or gentle pastel shades.

Handmade Beaded EarringsHandmade Earrings

Beads U Workshop Components pearl-making competency is characterised by a sensibility for the jewellery culture.

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