What should I do if I’m uncomfortable with changing milk? Try milk powder that is closer to breast milk

What should I do if I’m uncomfortable with changing milk?

The situation of the baby's conversion to milk can generally be divided into the following three types: conversion of breast milk to milk powder, change of brand, and change of stage. hmo奶粉Because the baby's digestive system is not perfect yet, a process is needed. Otherwise, students will easily cause discomfort symptoms.

Signals to transfer milk:

▶️Diarrhea: Diarrhea is difficult to treat, non-infectious, and lasts more than two weeks, no matter what medicine you take.

▶️Constipation: No matter how thin the milk powder is, the baby will still have 2-3 days to defecate, or the stool will be difficult, granular or even bloodshot.

▶️Bloating: The baby is indigestible, bloating, frequent flatulence, and bulging belly.

▶️Spit up milk and milk flaps: Too frequent, you must consider changing milk.

▶Green stool: There is fortified iron in the milk powder company that is drinking, but the iron material cannot be completely absorbed.

Slowness: The baby does not gain weight or the milk powder may not have enough nutrients and the absorption rate is not good.

When Xiaohua was turning milk, 轉奶粉I was very anxious and worried that the baby would not be sick all day long. After doing a lot of homework, make preparations and easily deal with the discomfort of milk.

First of all, in order to avoid flatulence, the milk powder should not be shaken violently during transportation, because this will easily produce a lot of air bottles! So I buy milk powder, and solubility is an important criterion. Hiccup in time after breastfeeding will help the baby to expel the air caused by too much swallowing while drinking milk!

If the digestion and absorption are not good, it may be because the baby's stomach is not good. Mothers know that beneficial bacteria can help babies build a barrier and regulate the balance of bacteria, so choose milk powder to see if it contains beneficial bacteria.

Fortunately, I did my homework before boiling the milk, and Xiao Hua cooked the milk very well. When I chose whole milk powder, I gave Xiaohua to milk. It contains not only low-sensitivity small-molecule whey protein, but also the No. 1 active nutrient breast milk oligosaccharide HMO and probiotics in breast milk. It is really close to breast milk. With full lactose and formula, the milk flavor is rich and sweet to drink, and it can also effectively enhance your own immunity. Xiaohua loves to drink it.

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