MBBS in Far Eastern Federal University

It is one of the best universities in the Russian Far East and one of the leading federal universities in Russia.

Founded in 1899 as the Far Eastern Federal University, it closed under Joseph Stalin in the 1930s and reopened in 1956, two years after Nikita Khrushchev moved to Vladivostok, where the university is located.

The university officially changed its English name to the Far East National University in 2000 (Russian name not changed). In 2010, it merged with the Far East State University of Technology (FESTU), the Pacific State University of Economics (TSUE), and the Uzbek State Institute of Education (USPI), and became the Far East Central University (FEFU).

In 2013, following the hosting of the 2012 APEC Summit, a new campus was opened for students on Rusky Island, south of Vladivostok. Surrounded by jungle, the new campus faces the beautiful length of the Pacific coast.

It is one of the best universities in the Russian Far East and one of the leading federal universities in Russia.

There are nine faculties: Oriental Institute - School of Regional and International Studies, School of Arts, Culture and Sports, School of Economics and Management, School of Engineering, School of Law, School of Education, School of Natural Sciences, School of Biomedicine, and School of Humanities.

FEFU was the first Russian university to begin postgraduate studies in English, complemented by developing their affiliations with Pacific RIM universities. It has nearly 50 branches in Russia, the USA, Japan, China, and Korea and has 80 partnership programs with universities in Europe and around the world.

Facilities on campus include three 25m swimming pools, gyms, outdoor athletics, a 2,000-seat stadium, and tennis and basketball courts.


Why study MBBS at Far East Central University?

The benefits of studying MBBS at Far East Central University are as follows:

  1. Far East Central University is accredited and accredited by NMC WHO.
  2. Far East Central University offers an innovative learning process for all programs.
  3. Far East Central University has excellent facilities for both study and fun.
  4. Numerous students around the world are creating an international environment.
  5. Government scholarship is available to do MBBS at Far Eastern University.
  6. The university also offers comfortable accommodation and a safe environment on campus.
  7. The university covers education, research, sports, and creative activities.
  8. The University of the Far East is supported for research purposes by the Center for Advanced and Development.
  9. The medical degree from the Federal University of the Far East is universally accepted, meaning you can train in any country after completing an MBBS course at Far East Central University.
  10. Due to the appreciative fee structure of Far East Central University, students are able to complete medical studies at reasonable prices.
  11. The infrastructure of the Far East Central University includes laboratories and educational equipment making the university a highly valued medical institution.
  12. The Far Eastern Federal University provides excellent education with highly qualified teaching staff.

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