Traditional style old doctors teach you 7 strokes to enhance immunity, after this disease gradually avoid everyone

We all understand that the body is the cost of reform

We all understand that the body is the cost of reform, without a physically and mentally healthy body, all things are going to look unsatisfactory. To a good physical and mental health body, it is essential to improve their immune system. In a person's long life, everyone's resistance will also gradually decrease along with the increase in age, then how can we enhance our resistance? The following 7 ways to improve immunity from veteran doctors

Exercise day in and day out

1: Exercise day in and day out

To have a healthy body, reasonable diet + strengthening exercise, the fusion of these two is a relatively simple way to improve your immunity, and also the most effective and cost-reducing method.

Eat more mushroom ingredients

2: Eat more mushroom ingredients

Mushroom and algae plant ingredients such as mushrooms, black fungus, white fungus, sea vegetables, etc. are rich in nutrients and can also enhance the immune effect of the body.

Maintain a better mood at all times

3: Maintain a good mood at all times

Medical authority states that when a person has a good mood for 20 minutes, it can improve the human immune system up to two hours. The longer the time, the more the body's immune system improves, and the longer you maintain it, the better your body will become.

The sunlight at ten in the morning is the most dietary supplement

4: The sunlight at ten o'clock in the morning is the most dietary supplement

More sunlight can efficiently improve the human immune system. 10:00 am to 11:00 am sunlight is the best, when the gas is better and the ultraviolet light is slightly lower, making people feel warm and mild.

Falling tears

5: Falling tears

Reportedly falling tears can play a role in adjusting the efficacy of the body's immune system, which helps the body to drive away the work stress growth hormone, in case it leads to negative effects on the body. Scientific studies have shown that those who shed tears after watching a sad movie or film have significant relief from allergies.

Tapping on the chest

6: Beat the chest

Thymosin, a hormonal regulator of the pancreas, can be stimulated by tapping on the sternum, which can slow down the aging of the pancreas and strengthen the immune system.

The following is a detailed description of the way to tap on the chest: Tap on the Tanzhong point at the sternum with the root of your hand. The point is located at the intersection of the two breast lines and the sternum, so you can choose the center of the sternum as the location to strike.

Drink more "three beans drink"

7: Drink more "three beans drink"

Soybeans, black beans, red beans three kinds of beans into a pulp to eat, the specific method: take 250 grams of soybeans, black beans 250 grams, red beans 250 grams, sugar appropriate. The above three kinds of beans cleaning soak to rise after mixing and grinding into a pulp, put water moderate boiling, to sugar seasoning drink, 2 times a day, morning and night, can be a long time to take.

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