information transfers from source to destination

There may be anything in the information such as voice, data, video, graphics, pictures, etc. We have been using this communication technology for the past few years in our communications. The Communication in which telephone technology is used called telecommunications.

In this technique, electromagnetic devices and systems are used for long-distance communication. The main example of this is telephone, radio, and television. So, I thought to give the complete information about telecommunications. So, you will never entangle in the future of telecommunications. So let’s start without delay and try to know more about telecommunications.

Telecommunication is also called telecom in other words. It is a group of two words that came from the combination of Greek and Latin word. In this the Greek word “tele” means “something far away” and the Latin word “communication” means “sharing”.

These two words have been combined together to create telecommunications. In this, information is exchanged between critical distance by the electronic means and it has all types of transmission such as voice, data, and video transmission. Technically, this is a broad world in which information broadcasting wide range technologies are deemed to be a telephone (both wired and wireless), microwave communications, fiber optics, satellite, radio and television broadcasts, the Internet and telegraph.

Two stations are in a complete, single telecom circuit, there are transmitters and receivers in each. This transmitter and receiver can be connected to any station in a device called transceiver. In this, the medium of the signal, transmission can be anything electrical cable, optical fiber, electromagnetic field or even light. Data is called free space transmission and reception electromagnetic field by wireless communication.

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